Aspire featured in CODAmagazine design publication

Nov 10, 2022 | Design, General News, Innovation

Aspire has been featured in the November issue of CODAmagazine, a digital monthly design publication.

This month’s issue, “Placemaking with Intention,” compiles projects that enhance communities and everyday spaces through the intersection of art and design.

Unveiled in November 2021, Aspire stands at nearly 45 feet tall, occupying the space between Keeny Hall and the College of Business. It has quickly become a defining landmark of Louisiana Tech, signifying its values of growth, innovation, and inclusivity.

The sculpture was designed by Curtis Pittman, a Portland-based public artist whose body of work is focused on improving the built environment with intentionally crafted works that harmonize with their existing setting. Aspire is designed as both a piece to complement the surrounding campus, with a fountain-like structure mirroring the Lady of the Mist, and as a wayfinding tool. Pittman describes the role of Aspire as a “campus focal point,” visible both day and night through its intentional use of natural and artificial light.

Aspire is Pittman’s second collaboration with Nathaniel Jenkins, the project’s creative technologist, who added the component of light to Pittman’s design. “The collaboration between Nathan and myself has proven that we are both determined to find new ways to bring people together and celebrate beauty through art and technology,” Pittman said.

Pittman looks to the longevity of Aspire, considering the work to be a celebratory symbol of university’s continued development. “A harmonious relationship is created between the art, the landscape, and the people,” said Pittman. “Not only will the artwork improve the urban condition, but it will also serve as a permanent symbol for humanity.”

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