Louisiana Tech celebrates graduation milestones

Nov 18, 2022 | Alumni, General News, Students, Tech Family

On the eve of its 342nd commencement ceremony Saturday, Louisiana Tech University is seizing the opportunity to celebrate two milestones.

The University is first in the state for the shortest time to degree completion for all undergraduate students – both first-time and transfer students. According to Louisiana Board of Regents records, first-time students at Louisiana Tech complete their degrees in an average of 4.1 years, while transfer students complete theirs in an average of 4.8 years.

The time to completion for transfer students includes the time of their enrollment at prior institutions.

“What this means for our students is that no matter if you start here or transfer into the Tech Family, your time at Louisiana Tech is spent efficiently,” said Dr. Les Guice, Tech President. “Many of our students graduate with TOPS funds still available, and so can they begin graduate programs with financial aid still in place.”

A shorter time to degree completion saves students and their families money and launches them into their careers or graduate school sooner.

As a part of its Tech 2030 strategic framework, Louisiana Tech has also worked to increase the resources and tools that help ensure student success. This year, the University has hired student retention specialists to ensure each student has greater access to those resources. For instance, these specialists will work to connect students to the over 200 student organizations on campus that bolster opportunities to use in-class learning in real-world settings.

“We work to ensure our students are supported through extracurricular and cocurricular activities, through counseling and advising, through access to research and internship opportunities, and through a rich campus life,” said Dr. Dickie Crawford, Vice President of Student Advancement. “All these systems are in place to help our students achieve their goals and prepare to make positive impacts on their communities and careers.”

During the 2021-22 academic year, Louisiana Tech recorded the highest number of graduates since digital records have been kept. The 2,330 degrees conferred to 2,242 students included a record 77 doctoral degrees conferred.