Research and Partnership Week 2022 makes an impact

Dec 13, 2022 | General News, Partnerships, Research

The Office of Research and Partnerships recently hosted a week of discovery for industry partners and various stakeholder groups.

“Louisiana Tech solves challenges through collaborative research every day, and our Research and Partnerships Week offers potential partners the chance to experience our campus and envision the possibilities working with our University provides,” said Dr. Sumeet Dua, Executive Associate Vice President of Research and Partnerships. “We’re excited about the opportunities and creative discoveries that will come from this week.”

Events across campus focused on four main areas of Louisiana Tech research – health and human science, resilient infrastructure, materials and manufacturing, cyber and national security – as well as innovative transdisciplinary research endeavors. Participants also were able to learn about emerging impacts for new research projects.

Each day allowed participants to tour facilities that provide faculty and student researchers the tools needed to engage in experiential learning through cutting-edge research and discussions on partnership opportunities.

“These opportunities to address challenges have the potential to bring together these individual partners as teams to create new knowledge, impactful solutions, and innovative models and materials to help our communities and others facing similar issues,” said Dr. Lindsey Keith-Vincent, Associate Dean for Research, Outreach, and Innovation in the College of Education.

The opening day of Research and Partnerships Week focused on materials and manufacturing, providing guests with the opportunity to learn more about the Institute for Micromanufacturing and an overview of the Senior Design Program.

“Research and Partnerships Week allowed us to come together as a research community, providing an organized and focused means for external entities and on-campus researchers to connect and learn more about collaboration opportunities,” said Dr. Arden Moore, Director of the Institute for Micromanufacturing. “I know of at least two new collaborations that have sprung up in the last few days through conversations initiated at Research and Partnerships Week.”

On Tuesday, guests were invited to tour various labs and research facilities focusing on health and human sciences. These labs and facilities conduct research in all areas of health and human science including biomedical engineering, psychological, behavioral, and biological sciences. This area of research specifically helps provide possible solutions on neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, new forms of cancer treatment, and sports performance.

“There are many needs within health and human sciences that should be supported and researched,” said Dr. Jamie Newman, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies for the College of Applied and Natural Science. “When we are able to help with the needs of local and regional partners we are one step closer to achieving a healthier mind and body for all.”

On the third day, Dr. John Matthews, Director of the Trenchless Technology Center, and Dr. Shaurav Alam, Associate Director of Research for the College of Engineering and Science, worked together to showcase unique abilities that Louisiana Tech has to produce research in resilient infrastructure.

“The week was a great opportunity for our existing and potential partners to learn more about capabilities and expertise on campus,” Matthews said. “One of our existing partners is very interested to return in early 2023 to explore some of the new connections they made on campus.”

The final day focused on national and cyber security where industry partners and Louisiana Tech faculty, staff, and students were given an inside look at the new Louisiana Tech Research Institute (LTRI) opening in Bossier in 2023. Guests also heard from students and faculty taking part in the Global Strike National Security Fellowship Program and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Cadet Research program.

“Louisiana Tech is recognized by the United States government through the impact students and faculty are making through the resources and programs that provide specialized intelligence on specific problems the Air Force and other Department of Defense entities are finding solutions for,” said Warren Ward, Director of Operations for LTRI. “This shows the caliber of student and faculty expertise that Louisiana Tech offers its partners.”

Various programs from across the University also presented posters on their research efforts during the morning portion of the final day. Presentations focusing on cyber education, human health in space travel, the VISTA Center, and forestry products were showcased for visitors to learn more about the emerging impacts of Louisiana Tech.

“There is also an abundance of gifted, knowledgeable, and committed humans in our communities that use their strength in research to address significant issues,” Vincent said. “These opportunities have the potential to bring together individual partners as teams to create impactful, innovative models and materials to help our communities.”

“The week’s activities created a space for stakeholder groups to have meaningful discussions on advancing research partnerships and creative learning across the campus,” Dua said. “We are excited about the future of collaboration through research and partnerships at Louisiana Tech.”