Louisiana Tech hosts SCILS meeting in Baton Rouge

Feb 8, 2023 | Applied and Natural Sciences, Education and Human Sciences, Engineering and Science, Faculty/Staff, General News

The SCILS Region 8 LaSTEM Center hosted the Q1 LaSTEM Council Meeting at the Louisiana Arts and Science Museum in Baton Rouge on Jan. 31.

This event was designed to showcase the work taking place within the SCILS Region 8 LaSTEM Center while also offering the opportunity to show the work in Louisiana Tech’s VISTA program and how it impacted the work of SCILS.

“Sharing the efforts behind the “Girls in STEM” initiative presented an opportunity for the SCILS team to highlight how it has connected with and created partnerships with both national and global organizations, pushing for greater innovation and experiential learning for those served in the rural Louisiana Delta,” said Cathi Cox-Boniol, SCILS Region 8 LaSTEM Center Director.

In addition to Cox-Boniol’s overview of the state initiative, “Girls in STEM,” Dr. Jamie Newman and Nick Bustamante offered tours of the VISTA Exhibit currently housed in the museum for both the LaSTEM Council and other regional directors and guests.

The council was also able to debut the brand new SCILS Regional STEM Workforce Analysis Report presented in partnership with the Center for Economic Research within the College of Business at Tech.

“This allowed us the opportunity to showcase the impactful work taking place within SCILS and SciTEC in the College of Education,” Cox-Boniol said.