SGA elections to be held April 17-18

Apr 17, 2023 | General News, Students

On April 17 and 18 students will have the opportunity to have their voices heard on a proposed fee, as well as who will represent them in student government. 

A $20 parking fee will be proposed to support the construction of a new parking garage. The parking garage is planned to be constructed on the West Mississippi Lot and would add approximately 300 parking spaces to help the ease of parking on campus.

“The student leaders suggested a $20 per quarter parking fee for full-time students,” Dickie Crawford, Vice President for Student Advancement said. “Louisiana Tech would borrow the money to build the parking garage and the proposed $20 fee would be used to pay the annual debt on the money borrowed to build the parking garage.”

Students are encouraged to participate and vote on this important issue, as well as who will represent them and the entire university for the next year. 

Students will vote for Student Government Association (SGA) President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Senators. 

Each of Louisiana Tech’s five colleges and each academic class has a number of senators. These senators write and vote on legislation that directly affects the student body. 

This year’s presidential race is very competitive as five students are running for the top spot. These students are Gabriel Freeman, Levi Holley, Connor Smith, Abigail Pierce, and Ethan Jeffus. 

For Vice President, two students are running. These students are Walker Pearson and Galen Turner.

For Secretary, four students are up for the spot. These students are Kylie Pepper, Stephanie Glynn, Lani DeSoto, and Cameron Bradford.

For Treasurer, two students are in the running. These students are Carson Antley and Garrett Brakefield.

“This is where students have the opportunity to have their voices heard and make sure that they are comfortable with who will be leading them,” Elizabeth McKinney, Student Body President said. “When it comes to the parking fee proposal it’s important for students, whether they’re wanting this to pass or not, to share their opinion on this important issue that will have a direct impact on them and the future of the university.

This story was written by communication student Brennan Hilliard.