LDOE partnership offers COE new opportunities for student advancement

May 10, 2023 | Education and Human Sciences, General News, Partnerships, Research, Students

The Science of Reading partnership offers Louisiana Tech University’s College of Education a new opportunity to advance learning for Louisiana students and teachers.

“The Science of Reading project showcases the collaboration between the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) and Science of Reading experts from across the state to support our classroom teachers, serve our students, enrich our current knowledge, and enact research-based scholarship to increase early childhood literacy,” Dr. Don Schillinger, Dean of the College of Education said.

This project, a four-million-dollar award, supports the statewide effort focused on supporting educators in grades K-2 in the discipline of literacy.

“The award is an investment in the future of our communities and our state,” said Dr. Lindsey Vincent, Associate Dean for Research, Outreach, and Innovations at the College of Education. “It is an investment in researchers, faculty, and practitioners at Louisiana Tech University and partner institutions to create resources to empower educators and learners in the important area of literacy.”

Teams of experts will develop literacy-focused professional development modules to inform teacher pedagogy and practice in the Science of Reading.

“This will better prepare our future teachers and be available for teachers already out in the field,” said program director Carrice Cummins. “Concepts covered will progress from oral language to comprehension.”

The project will serve hundreds of Louisiana educators and impact thousands of Louisiana learners. The Louisiana Foundations of Literacy project is generously funded by the Louisiana Department of Education.

“Partnering with Superintendent Brumley, Shanna Beber, and their team to bring these needed resources to pre and in-service teachers is a significant responsibility and tremendous opportunity,” Vincent said. “Dr. Cummins and her team are well positioned to execute this task and help inspire and equip a rising generation of literate, inquisitive, lifelong learners in Louisiana!”

“It is fundamental that we embrace a back-to-the-basics approach for teaching children to read,” Dr. Cade Brumley, Louisiana State Superintendent, said. “I’m thankful for this partnership and excited about the fruits to be harvested in future years.”

On April 26, a celebration of the Science of Reading partnership was held at Prescott Memorial Library. This celebration brought together various areas of the campus community and members of the Louisiana state government to speak on the vision of the University and how it intertwines with the vision for the state of Louisiana.

“This is an outstanding partnership with impactful outcomes,” Dr. Sumeet Dua, Executive Associate Vice President for Research and Partnerships at Louisiana Tech said. “It is a stellar example of how partnerships can shape the minds of tomorrow through innovative research and service networks. The Science of Reading project offers a unique opportunity to create resources in the vital literacy space.”