Mastering minds through Psychology’s new counseling program

May 18, 2023 | Alumni, Education and Human Sciences, Faculty/Staff, General News, Students

The College of Education’s Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Department is offering a new concentration in Counseling Psychology, within the Masters in Counseling and Guidance (MACG) program, for individuals interested in expanding their education in psychology.

This program provides students with the knowledge and experiences to be licensed professional counselors as well as providing the pre-requisite knowledge and skills for further graduate education at the doctoral level in psychology.

Dr. Walter Buboltz, professor in the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Department and Director of Training in Counseling Psychology, said, “The department decided to start the program to meet the mental health needs of society and provide a quality program that will allow students to work in the mental health field.”

During the program, students will be provided with the foundational education and training materials to function as mental health professionals in various roles.

With this concentration, the goal is for graduates to become licensed professional counselors and to be prepared for doctoral psychology programs.

The degree is available to anyone with a bachelor’s degree and 12 credits in psychology classes. For more information, contact Debbie Lee at or 318.257.3229.