College of Education transforms into College of Education and Human Sciences

Jun 13, 2023 | Alumni, Education and Human Sciences, Faculty/Staff, General News, Students

Louisiana Tech University is proud to announce a significant milestone in the evolution of its distinguished College of Education. Effective immediately, the College will be known as the College of Education and Human Sciences, embracing a broader academic vision to better serve its students and community.

This name change reflects the College’s commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and recognizes the diverse range of fields, expertise, and programs within the College. The College emphasizes the interconnectedness of education, psychology, and kinesiology by integrating ‘Human Sciences’ into its core identity.

“This name change reflects our dedication to an expansive educational approach encompassing the multifaceted aspects of human development and learning,” said Dr. Don Schillinger, Dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences. “By embracing the Human Sciences as its framework, we aim to foster innovation, research, and practical application across a wider range of fields, ultimately preparing our graduates for the complex challenges of the future.”

With this name change, the College of Education and Human Sciences will continue fostering collaboration and interdisciplinary research initiatives within the University and in partnership with external organizations. The College seeks to develop innovative approaches to educational practices, entrepreneurial strategies, and community outreach programs by integrating knowledge and expertise from various fields.

“The College of Education and Human Sciences is poised to be a leader in education and human sciences research, innovation, and community engagement,” said Dr. Les Guice, Louisiana Tech University President. “This name change reflects the University’s commitment to providing highly relevant programs that support the future growth of our region, state, and nation. We are excited to see this transformation’s positive impact on our students, faculty, and the communities we serve.”

The College of Education and Human Sciences will continue to offer exceptional educational programs and resources while fostering a supportive and collaborative environment for students, faculty, and staff. This name change signifies a new chapter in the college’s history, one that embraces the rich diversity of human experiences and the transformative power of education and the human sciences.