School of Theatre announces winners at Tech Tony Awards

Sep 5, 2023 | Liberal Arts, Students

Louisiana Tech Theatre Players (TTP) hosted the 48th Annual Tech Tony Awards, a celebration of the academic and production work of students in the School of Theatre, which recently announced its winners.

“This year was an exceptional year of performances that provided the season members and majors with many wonderful voting opportunities,” Mark Guinn, the School’s director, said.

The awards ceremony was held on the Howard and Stone Theatre stages in a cabaret-style setting complete with selected performances from nominees and members of TTP. The event was well attended by season members, faculty, majors, minors, and friends of the School of Theatre.

This year’s theme was Tech Tony’s Masquerade, and the stages were decorated to match with colorful lighting and filled with masked patrons and participants in fabulous costumes.

Aramark catered the event.

School of Theatre Awards

Awards and scholarships presented by the faculty recognizing exceptional students and alumni of the School of Theatre.


Alumni of Year

2023 Tami Alexander


Caroline Perritt Performance Award

Established in 2014 to honor the memory of Caroline Perritt, a High School senior who was in “Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp.” It is presented, when appropriate, to a high school actor selected by the faculty who participates in the Louisiana Tech School of Theatre season and exhibits the dedication, passion, and joy that Caroline personified.

2023 Grisham Locke


Lula Mae Sciro Award  for Theatre Excellence

2023 Alison Fletcher


Vera Alice Paul Award

Highest award given in theatre, for “someone who is always there.”

2023 Alison Fletcher, Kaitlin Weigle


College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Student

2023  Kaitlin Weigle – G

2023 Laney Goodwin – U


School of Theatre Scholarships

Bryan Family Scholarship Endowment

Re-named  Kathleen H. Bryan Scholarship in 2010 by request of Richard Bryan

2023 Anna Fontenot


Frances Winters/Grimm Locke Scholarship

TTP-given award to a freshman and member in good standing

2023 Ryann McClure



Gregory P. Stone Award (not an endowed award)

Shall be presented to a student considered to have exceptional talent in the Performing Arts, the award is intended to assist recipients in attending conferences, master classes, tours or other professional activities. Benefactor Jorenda Stone:“So it’s not important to me that the money be used in a traditional way but rather in an exhilarating way for the student.”

2023 Ryann McClure


John D. Winters Scholarship

The award shall be presented to a Theatre Major who has demonstrated exceptional talent in their area of speciality, i.e. acting, directing, design, management, stage management, movement, technical theatre, or other theatre-related area at the discretion of the awards committee.

2023 Mallory Williams


Mary Beth Thiels Theatre Award

Honors a theatre student who best exemplifies the spirit that Mary Beth Theils brought to the theatre. This award was created by her family in honor of her memory, talent, and their love of her art.

2023 Taylor Zipperlen



Merritt Performing Arts Scholarship

Garrett Aldridge, X’Zavier Lewis, and Tiara South. (Future awards pending review.)


Production Awards 

Arthur W. Stone Playwriting Award                                                                         

2023 Ella Goodwin


Costume Design                                                                                               

2023 Ali Fletcher, Olivia Hancock, Breyton Mastronuzzi, Emily Norris, Allyson SIms, Kaitlin Weigle, Lightning Thief


Costume – Makeup/Hair Design

2023 Ali Fletcher, Olivia Hancock, Breyton Mastronuzzi, Emily Norris, Allyson SIms, Kaitlin Weigle, Lightning Thief


John C. Trissler Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theatre  

2023 John Brady Cole


Lighting Design   

2023 No awarded


Scenic Design                                                                                                               

2023 Not awarded


Sound Design                                                                                                              

2023 Kaitlin Weigle, A Divine Kerfuffle


Outstanding Achievement in Promotions and Marketing (changed from “Promotions” in 2008)         

2023 Allyson Sims


Properties Design                                                                                  

2023 Emily Christjansen (Shamrock), Divine Kerfuffle


Outstanding Achievement in Arts Management (instituted 2014 at the request of Coordinator of Theatre, Cherrie Sciro)

2023 Alison Fletcher


Outstanding Achievement in Dance

2023 Chloe Alexander and Ryann McClure


Outstanding Achievement in Stage Management                                                                                                         

2023 Mallory Williams, Lightning Thief


Outstanding Achievement in Stage Movement    

This award is the Young Swashbuckler’s Bag, a sword bag with a brace of single swords, rapiers, daggers, and knives, a gift of alumnus Todd Liles.

2023 Laney Goodwin


Voting Awards

Fall Festival

Outstanding Performer in A Lead Role

Allyson Sims as Ms. Jones in Ms. Jones Transit


Outstanding Performer in A Supporting Role

Kaitlin Weigle as Maggie in The Dating Pool Has Pee In It


Outstanding Direction

Laney and Ella Goodwin for Nana’s House (Film)


Outstanding Technician

Mallory Williams, Stage Manager


Outstanding Original Work

Nana’s House by Laney and Ella Goodwin


2022-2023 Main Stage Production

Outstanding Performer

Christian Williams as Grover in The Lightning Thief


Outstanding Performance by a Leading Actor

Breyton Mastronuzzi as Cyril in A Divine Kerfuffle


Outstanding Performance by a Leading Actress

Kaitlin Weigle as Herta in A Divine Kerfuffle


Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor

Taylor Zipperlen as Emilio in A Divine Kerfuffle


Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress

Ali Fletcher as Sally Jackson in The Lightning Thief


Outstanding Technician

Mallory Williams, Stage Manager, The Lightning Thief


Best Main Stage Show

The Lightning Thief, directed by Tami Alexander