Dua represents Tech in panel discussion at GNOu Workforce Summit

Oct 2, 2023 | Faculty/Staff, General News, Research, Research and Development

As Executive Associate Vice President of Research and Partnerships, Dr. Sumeet Dua spends the majority of his time promoting the opportunity to invest in the future of Louisiana Tech through research partnership opportunities across the state and nation. 

Through connections with industry partners and our current research faculty and staff, Dua pursues new avenues to share the impactful and creative solutions that Louisiana Tech research brings to the table of research and development. Most recently, he participated in “How Can R&D (Research and Development) Inform Curriculum (and Vice Versa), and Why Does This Matter?” at the GNOu Workforce Summit in New Orleans, La. 

“It was a pleasure reconnecting with colleagues and thought leaders in research and economic development from across the state, engaging in conversations about identifying optimal research and training practices and solutions essential for nurturing talent and enhancing industry growth in Louisiana and beyond,” Dua said.

The Summit showcases industry partners from advanced manufacturing, logistics, wind energy, technology, maritime, and beyond. Attendees can learn more about industry trends, and workforce needs while exploring opportunities to network with industry and education leaders from Louisiana’s most valuable sectors.

Dua participated in the panel to discuss the wide-ranging impact that research and development has on programs across the state and region, and how Tech contributes to industry growth by providing needed talent. This growth can only happen through a more unified approach to research and development’s role in education. 

“Given the wide-ranging nuances of sectors from cyber, and advanced manufacturing to maritime, it emphasizes the critical need for a unified approach to research, development, and education,” Dua said. “The panel emerged as a potent venue for both insight and initiative, focusing on developing curricula that are not just enriching but also in tune with the current and anticipated needs of the industry.”