CEHS, JUMP Math report on student research

Jan 25, 2024 | Education and Human Sciences, Faculty/Staff, General News, Research, Students

Louisiana Tech University’s College of Education and Human Sciences (CEHS), in collaboration with JUMP Math, is pleased to share the outcome of an education study providing evidence-based tutoring support to over 1,000 historically underserved students in school districts in Louisiana.

JUMP Math, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to multiplying every student’s potential and fostering equitable classrooms and communities through math education, created the study with Louisiana Tech through the support of a grant from Accelerate, a national initiative supporting education in historically underserved communities.

The study demonstrated significant positive learning outcomes for students in math proficiency, understanding, confidence, and enthusiasm for the subject. The study’s goal was to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and support systems required to successfully implement a scalable tutoring model to address learning loss among students in underserved communities.

“This international partnership is resulting in direct impact in Louisiana,” said Dr. Lindsey Keith-Vincent, Associate Dean for Research, Outreach, and Innovation, Department of Science and Technology Education Center. “In addition to improving the academic outcomes of elementary learners, students in our AROS division in the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences at Louisiana Tech University are also directly benefiting, as they engage in hands-on learning through the data collection and analysis process.”

The key findings in the comprehensive report by the University highlight the successful impact of the program. Results show improved overall math proficiency among participating students, whose learning progressed rapidly while using the JUMP Math lesson modules over a two-month period, with a statistically significant improvement in scores across all modules.

Additionally, the study revealed that math learning increased at almost the same rate for boys and girls, demonstrating the gender-neutral, equitable approach of the modules. The tutorial modules also resulted in positive student learning outcomes, regardless of prior exposure to the classroom modules.

“The College of Education and Human Sciences is thrilled that, through Dr. Tillman Sheets’ leadership, we have formed a solid relationship with JUMP Math that is resulting in additional college faculty co-constructing math interventions better to support learners in this state, this nation, and internationally,” Keith-Vincent added.

Beyond the academic gains made by students, this initiative also revealed a transformation in students’ sense of self-efficacy and attitudes toward math.

“The generous support provided by Accelerate has allowed us to advance our mission to transform math education for the students who need it most through our evidence-based approach to math instruction,” says Ken Aucoin, CEO of JUMP Math. “These results demonstrate the power of well-researched and designed support and resources to enable all students to achieve math success.”

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