Tech’s fragrant, colorful greenhouses featured in state horticulture Journal

Mar 28, 2024 | Applied and Natural Sciences, General News

Some of the most fragrant and scenic spots on campus, the Louisiana Tech greenhouses are featured in the most recent Journal of the Louisiana State Horticulture Society.

From begonias to basil, from moon vine to mustard, from lantana to lettuce, the University’s greenhouses bloom with both color and instruction. Tech’s eight main glass-covered greenhouses are an integral part of the academic programs in the School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry in the University’s College of Applied and Natural Sciences.

“This is great recognition of the hard work the greenhouse does,” said Dr. Paul Jackson, professor of plant science in the School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry.

Those tulips you see on the Tech campus the final weeks of winter and the first weeks of spring? Complements of the Tech greenhouses. As are all the other blooming colors on the Tech campus, year-round.

“The Louisiana Tech Greenhouses offer students a unique learning experience by them seeing plant development and nursery operations from seed to seedling to market size for sale,” Jackson said. “(Greenhouse lab assistants) Max Hyde, Carter Parks, and Roxie Jordan work hard every day to apply their knowledge in plant science to grow the plants used for teaching and research and sold to the public in the Tech Farm Salesroom. We are proud to offer such a unique, hands-on learning environment that is not only utilized by the School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry, but also all of Tech campus and the surrounding community.”