Education faculty present at national conference

Apr 10, 2024 | Education and Human Sciences, Faculty/Staff

The College of Education and Human Sciences (CEHS) commitment to excellence in education was on full display at the National Field Experience Conference (NFEC), where five esteemed faculty members from the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership (CIL) shared their insights and innovations.

The faculty members who presented were Dr. Amy Vessel, Dr. Dustin Whitlock, Dr. Joanne Hood, Dr. Lynne Stratton, and Dr. Tina Allen. Their presentations not only showcased CIL’s dedication to advancing teaching practices but also highlighted the College’s role in shaping the future of education in North Louisiana and beyond.

Reflecting on the conference, Stratton stated, “It’s gratifying to share our team’s work from the past several years. We worked to streamline the process, including editing documents, changing protocols, providing professional development to stakeholders, etc. Without a doubt, we are producing better-prepared teachers.”

“This experience was beneficial to me as a professor in CEHS because it allowed me to network with colleagues from around the country while also showcasing the amazing work being done on our campus and around North Louisiana,” Whitlock noted.

The presentations included topics such as the importance of programmatic alignment when communicating expectations and the significance of having a robust system in place for residents as they progress toward certification. They also presented on the utilization of the Masters of Educational Leadership (MEDEL) students as resident evaluators.

“By providing this opportunity to our students we are preparing them to serve in the role of an evaluator, which is one responsibility they will have as future school leaders,” Hood said. “Based on the feedback received, this concept was not one that any other university had implemented.”

“Louisiana Tech University prides itself in using tenure-track faculty to conduct clinical evaluations of residents and internships providing in-depth coaching and feedback to teaching lessons across an entire academic year,” Vessel, director of clinical and professional experiences, said. “This also allows our faculty to stay connected with our teacher candidates from the middle to the end of their marathons preparing to be a future educator. We are strengthening all undergraduate and graduate programs through our faculty research.”

The Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership continues to foster educational innovation with its faculty members actively contributing to the advancement of teaching practices and standards. This further strengthens the University’s position as a beacon of excellence in teacher preparation and educational research.