Students save money and time with Bulldog Bundle

Jun 18, 2024 | General News, Students

Louisiana Tech University students participating in the Bulldog Bundle program saved over $2.5 million collectively on course materials during the 2023 – 24 school year. Students paid 48 percent less through the program compared to the retail prices of their classes’ required materials.

The Bulldog Bundle, implemented Fall Quarter 2021 in partnership with Barnes & Noble College (BNC), standardizes the cost of renting course materials ($23 per credit hour) and delivers all textbooks and other required items to students on or before the first day of class each quarter.

“This whole program is geared towards helping students be successful,” said Dr. Dickie Crawford, vice president for student advancement. “Even with varied materials requirements across majors, students are spending $220 less on average each quarter through the Bundle, and those savings add up.”

In survey data provided by Barnes & Noble College, 87 percent of students praised the program for its convenience factor, and 76 percent of students said the Bulldog Bundle better prepared them for their coursework throughout the year.

Students also anonymously shared their thoughts on the Bundle as part of the BNC survey:

“I have already recommended the program to my roommates because it’s very cost effective, and [we] have all the materials needed for classes with no hassle of searching and paying too much.”

“It made my transition so much easier and took pressure off me. And it saved me money.”

“It was a really easy way to let some responsibility off my shoulders and get everything in one go.”

Part of the Bulldog Bundle’s appeal is in its simplicity. After students register for their courses, the Bookstore will prepare the materials for each student based on their preferred delivery method and notify them when the materials are available, providing them with all required textbooks, lab manuals, access codes, and electronic book versions. All undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the program but have the option to opt out.

“The quarter system moves quickly, and there is danger in a student waiting 2-3 weeks before getting textbooks,” Crawford said. “Each student has different needs each term, but the Bulldog Bundle is designed to save them both time and money.”

View more information on the Bulldog Bundle program here.

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