Service-Learning at Louisiana Tech University

From right here in Ruston to the jungles of Honduras, service-learning is an integral part of Louisiana Tech’s mission. Service-learning is a teaching and learning method that upholds a commitment to appreciating the assets and serving the needs of a community partner while enhancing student learning and academic rigor through the practice of intentional reflective thinking and responsible civic action. Unlike internships, community service, and volunteerism, service-learning is different because it emphasizes benefits to both those served and the service provider. Four necessary components for any course that seeks to offer a service-learning experience for students are that it has a commitment to community partnership, it involves learning and academic rigor, it incorporates intentional reflective thinking, and above all it practices civic responsibility. Louisiana Tech University and the University of Louisiana System has a commitment to service learning and encourages faculty to develop courses with a service-learning component. Under the guidance of Dr. Rick Simmons, the Louisiana Tech Director of Service-Learning, The Center for Academic and Professional Development offers support for faculty who wish to engage in a service-learning experience. Sample syllabi are available from previously offered courses as well as periodic training and mentoring by experienced faculty. Contact CAPD for more information, suggestions, or requests.

Louisiana Tech Named to National Service-Learning Honor Roll

Louisiana Tech has been named to the  President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll every year since the 2008-2009 school year. As one of only two public universities in the state to hold this distinction (along with LSU), and one of only three universities period (along with Tulane), Tech is proud of our commitment to service learning.