Alternating Gradient Magnetometer

The Micromag 2900 Alternating Gradient Magnetometer (AGM) from Princeton Measurement Corp (PMC) is a highly-sensitive and compact magnetic susceptibility measurement system. This AGM is capable of measuring magnetic properties of a wide range of materials. This system utilizes compact transducer assembly and optimized gradient coils in conjunction with small high performance electromagnets and an advanced pulse-width modulated bipolar magnet power supply to achieve high sensitivity. Magnetic fields up to 10 kOe can be applied with the electromagnet and the field is measured with a Hall probe. Magnetic properties of materials, such as magnetization curves, saturation magnetization, coercivity, remanent magnetization, switching field distribution, squareness ratio, etc., can be determined. In addition, this system software provides automatic procedures to perform tuning for resonance to condition the instrument prior to making measurements. Magnetic moments in the range of 1 µemu to 5 emu can be measured. Magnetic measurements can be performed by applying field in both parallel and perpendicular directions.

• Applied field is continuously monitored by a built-in Hall effect gaussmeter.

• Very little amount of magnetic materials and weak magnetic samples can be measured.

• Quick disconnect transducer plug for efficient sample changing.

• Feedback signal provides precise servo control in both field sweep and static mode conditions. 

• Automatic tuning to probe resonance, measurement of probe Q, phase and sensitivity adjustments. 

• Fast data collection with signal averages as fast as 10 ms per data point.

• Supports a maximum sample size of 5 mm x 5 mm x 2 mm, and the system requires only ≤ 200 mg of samples. 

• Magnetic solids, thinfilms, powders and slurries can be measured in both parallel and perpendicular directions to the applied field. 

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