Campus communication – Jan. 2, 2021

Workday will be live for all employees on January 4.  To ease your transition into Workday, please review the following information:

Workday Go-live:

Employees will login to Workday by visiting workday.latech.edu.

Reminder: Workday requires employees to sign-up for Duo Security MFA. 

Open Zoom Rooms

Daily  Zoom Workday office hours will be available for employees to provide live assistance during the first two weeks of January.  The Zoom links and daily hours are listed below.  The office hours will be available Monday-Friday, January 4 – 15.

Human Resources: 1 pm – 3 pm –  https://latech.zoom.us/j/94641723791

Procurement: 9 am – 11 am – https://latech.zoom.us/j/95362674462

Travel/Expenses: 2 pm – 4 pm – https://latech.zoom.us/j/96151259977

General Finance/Departmental Deposits: 1pm – 3pm – https://latech.zoom.us/j/93231999694

Grants: 10 am – 12 pm – https://latech.zoom.us/j/98293562859


Training sessions have been scheduled throughout the month of January.  Visit events.latech.edu to view and register for available sessions.  PDF training materials and introductory videos are also accessible for employees by logging into Moodle and accessing the available Workday course.

Training for hiring, compensation changes, and costing allocations (salary splits) will be scheduled beginning in mid-January.  If you have any immediate needs related to these processes, please contact Lisa Cole at lcole@latech.edu.


Workday Support can be initiated through the Louisiana Tech Helpdesk by calling 318.257.5300, emailing helpdesk@latech.edu, or creating a ticket at tickets.latech.edu.  Helpdesk staff will initiate a support ticket and assign it to the relevant party for servicing and follow-up.

Budgets and Actual Revenue and Expenditure activity

Budgets and actual Revenue and Expenditure transactions for fiscal year 2019-2020 and July through December 2020 will NOT be loaded in Workday on January 4.   As part of our financial conversion, the University must complete the December month-end financial close and other December 31 conversions prior to loading the budget and historical transactions.

The budget and pre-Workday financial activity data will be loaded during the weekend of January 16 and available to users the week of January 18.

Balance File Inquiry (BI) in CICS access will remain active.  If you have Balance File Inquiry access in CICS, please utilize it to review available balances for purchases during this initial period.

Timesheets, Attendance and Leave Reports, and Leave Balances

Timesheets and Attendance and Leave Reports for the following periods should be submitted in December and January using our current format:

  • Monthly pay period ending December 31
  • Biweekly pay period ending January 1

Time and absence should be reported in Workday for the following periods:

  • Monthly pay period beginning January 1
  • Biweekly pay period beginning January 2

During our initial conversion period in January, leave balances will not include all adjustments for leave earned and taken during the last pay periods in December.  Updated leave balances will be available in Workday by the end of January.

Graduate Assistants and Part-time Salaried Employees (excluding Adjuncts)

In Workday, the compensation amounts for graduate assistants, including teaching and research assistants, and other part-time salaried employees excluding adjuncts will show both the actual annual salary amount and the full-time equivalent annual salary amount. The amount paid each pay period will be accurately determined based on the employee’s FTE and the ending date of employment.  The ending date of employment will be updated based on the existing appointment request form by the end of January.

Information regarding the calculation of the compensation amount for part-time employees will be included in the training related to hiring, compensation changes, and costing allocations (salary splits).

Any questions should be emailed to our team at workday@latech.edu.

Lisa L. Cole