Campus communication – Jan. 7, 2020


Beginning this month, non-classified employees, excluding nine-month faculty and adjunct instructors, will be paid on a biweekly cycle. The change to biweekly from monthly pay periods will impact our non-classified staff, academic administrators, and graduate and undergraduate student employees.

Although the Human Resources and Finance components of Workday will not go live until Fiscal Year 2021, the new schedule must be implemented in advance to perform the necessary parallel testing between our mainframe system and Workday.

The first biweekly payroll for our non-classified staff, academic administrators, and graduate assistants will be paid on Jan. 10 and will include only three days (Jan. 1-3) of the January salary.

In order to ease the transition from the monthly payroll cycle to the biweekly payroll cycle, the University has decided NOT to deduct one-half of the monthly insurance premiums from this partial biweekly pay period.  (See note below regarding insurance categories.)  Instead the January premiums will be deducted from the Jan. 4-17 pay period disbursed on Jan. 24 and the Jan. 1831 pay period disbursed on Feb. 7.  We will continue to deduct one-half of the monthly premium each pay period through the third pay period in May.  This change requires that the insurance premium be deducted from the third paycheck in May.

In order to accomplish this one-time change in our current payroll system, we will be required to eliminate the deduction of insurance premiums for all biweekly employees paid on Jan. 10, including the Civil Service classified employees already paid on a biweekly cycle.  For the classified employees, there will be no deduction for insurance premiums for the payroll period of Dec. 21 through Jan. 3 disbursed on Jan. 10.   Instead, there will be a deduction for insurance premiums on the third payroll in May disbursed on May 29.

Note: Insurance premiums excluded from the first January biweekly include health, dental, vision, short-term disability, long-term disability, life, FSA, as well as the HSA premium (premium portion only) and other supplemental insurances.  The HSA savings contribution will be deducted on the Jan. 10 payroll disbursement.

The next month that includes three biweekly payroll disbursements is October 2020.  This payroll, paid on Oct. 30, will not include deductions for insurance premiums.

Other deductions, such as credit union deductions, 403b contributions, and deferred compensation contributions have been adjusted for the biweekly payroll schedule and will be deducted over 26 pay periods.  The Comptroller’s Office has already contacted all employees who need to complete new W-4, L-4, La Capital Credit Union, 403b, and Deferred Compensation forms and have received responses from most of the impacted employees.  If you have any questions concerning these deductions, please contact Dow Eldridge at eldridge@latech.edu or 318.257.4325.

An updated power point presentation for employees and a payroll calendar including deadlines for attendance and leave reports and timesheets are attached.

Additional information regarding this upcoming payroll schedule change is located on our Workday Related Communication webpage at https://www.latech.edu/workday/related-communication/.  The two presentations from the informational sessions conducted for employees and for supervisors of student employees and the 2020 payroll calendars are included as resources on the webpage.

If you have questions regarding this change, please email workday@latech.edu.  Members of our team will be available to assist you with this change.

Lisa L. Cole
Vice President for Finance