Campus communication – Jan. 9, 2019

Campus community,

We have an important update on the Workday project. As you know, the University is moving to Workday, a new Enterprise Resource Planning platform that will replace the current mainframe system, along with two other UL System institutions: Southeastern Louisiana University and the University of New Orleans.

As a group, we have decided to revise the go-live date for this project to July 2020. Since January 2018, our three universities have made significant progress. A project of this size is a massive and complex undertaking that will result in a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform with a user experience that is far superior to our current system.

As a result of the revised go-live date, Louisiana Tech is postponing the change to the biweekly payroll cycle for our non-classified employees and our graduate and undergraduate student employees. 

The new biweekly payroll schedule will now be implemented in January 2020. The revised date will give employees additional time to plan for the new payroll frequency and help minimize the administrative burden of processing paper time and attendance/timesheet forms on our employees during the next 18 months.

We determined these changes are necessary in order to allow enough time to properly standardize business practices and processes across the three institutions. This will ensure that all employees will have an excellent user experience with Workday and that each institution will harness the full power of the new platform.

Teams from each university have devoted their time and talent to this implementation over the past year. We thank the members of these teams for their extraordinary efforts and commitment to this project. Extending the deadline will allow us a smoother rollout process and will allow more time for training.  

We firmly believe that the beginning of a new fiscal year is the best time to implement Workday so that our reporting is accurate and our transition is seamless. We have reached important milestones and built tremendous momentum with the project. Our goal is for that to continue with even greater buy-in and confidence in the success of the implementation.

Thank you to all of who have been so crucial to our progress. Your continued dedication is what will drive this groundbreaking project to completion.

Thank you for your patience as we continue this important implementation.