Campus communication – May 1, 2018

Campus Community,

Good morning.

Last fall, we announced our intention to partner with Southeastern Louisiana University and the University of New Orleans to implement Workday, a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool that will replace our current human resources and financial systems. I am happy to announce that teams from all three schools have completed the planning phase and are moving into the design phase, and the project has a go-live date of July 2019. The student components to the ERP will be added in 2020.

Our three universities are working together to achieve a level of efficiency that is unprecedented in the University of Louisiana System. The three institutions will share in anticipated savings of nearly $13 million over the next 10 years, while moving to a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform with a user experience that is far superior to our current system.

This exciting project will allow us to streamline processes, and we are committed to sharing as much information as possible with the campus community through our dedicated webpage at latech.edu/workday. This page will serve as a repository for information on the project, including timeline and list of milestones, training opportunities and resources. I encourage you to review this page on a regular basis in order to stay updated on the project.

While the project currently involves our colleagues in the financial and human resources areas of the University, we will ask for assistance from faculty and staff when the time comes to test and review workflow processes. We want to ensure that our system will function as efficiently and effectively as possible, and many of you will play a valuable role in the improvement and implementation of Workday.

As our colleagues in the human resources and financial areas of the University go through development and training, a significant portion of their time will be devoted to this project. We are excited about the opportunities it presents, and I thank you all for your time and patience as we create greater efficiencies in our business processes.

Thank you for your attention.