Campus communication – Oct. 23, 2020

Dear Faculty and Staff

Good Friday morning!

We are excited about the impending rollout of our new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software called Workday that will transform the way we work across campus.  Workday will provide more powerful and efficient ways to do our work.  It will streamline our processes and make data more accessible, informative and secure.  Most importantly, it will give you ready access to the information you need when you need it.

In anticipation of rolling out the first phase of Workday soon, I’ll be sharing some of its capabilities with you.  

Travel with Workday

One of the many advancements Workday will provide our campus is the streamlining of travel approval and expense reimbursement processes.

Similar to our current online Travel Authorizations, Spend Authorizations in Workday will be initiated and routed for approval prior to travel.  Please take a moment to view this linked video for a preview of Spend Authorizations in Workday.

Travelers will no longer utilize the current paper format for travel reimbursements.  The current process will be replaced by an intuitive business process within Workday.  Travelers or their delegates can quickly upload any necessary attachments needed to document travel expenses and then submit an expense report for electronic approvals.  Direct deposit will be available for an easier and more secure reimbursement.  As with Spend Authorizations, our training team has produced a short video previewing the Expenses process in Workday. 

Campus-wide training for Workday begins in November.   The Workday PDF training guides referenced in the video will be available in Moodle beginning Dec 1. Training details were included in this message last week.  If you have any questions about Workday training, please contact Jessica Comfort (jcomfort@latech.edu) or Cristy Martin (clmartin@latech.edu).

Les Guice