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What is wellness? Wellness is most importantly a choice to assume responsibility for one's quality of life. It is an active process that allows people to make positive choices in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is not simply the absence of disease, but a robust state of well-being that recognizes the existence and importance of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Today, many wellness models focus on achieving balance amongst several dimensions of one's life: intellectual, emotional, cultural, occupational, spiritual, physical, and social.

Some practical suggestions for balancing each life dimension are the following:

  • Intellectual Wellness: have an open mind when encountering new ideas and concepts; attend an event or seminar on campus on a topic of interest.

Bulldog Achievement Resource Center (BARC)
Phone: (318)257-4730

Counseling Services Study Smart
Phone: (318)257-2488

  • Emotional Wellness: work on understanding your emotions and using healthy coping skills for dealing with emotions; meet with a peer counselor through the Peer Leadership Council or visit with a counselor in Counseling Services.

Counseling Services
Phone: (318)257-2488

Peer Leadership Council
Phone: (318)257-2488

  • Spiritual Wellness: balance your inner needs with the demands of the outside world; consider visiting a faith group on campus or experiment with yoga at the Lambright Sports Center.

Yoga and other Group Exercise Classes at Lambright
Phone: (318)257-4634

  • Occupational Wellness: do some research on your chosen major or attend career counseling labs or workshops through Counseling Services; find a part-time job or internship that fits well with your career path.

Career Services
Phone: (318)257-4336

Alumni Mentoring Network

  • Physical Wellness: maintain healthy eating and exercise habits; visit the Lambright Sports Center, join an intramural team, or visit the Student Health Center for your health needs.

Phone: (318)257-4634

Student Health Center
Phone: (318)257-4866

Food Services
Phone: (318)257-2327

  • Social Wellness: make time for social interaction with peers; find a student organization with which to get involved - there are over 150 student organizations on campus.

Student Activities
Phone: (318)257-3479

Student Government Association
Phone: (318)257-4565

  • Cultural Wellness: attend events hosted by the International Student Office or Multicultural Affairs; purposefully get acquainted with those who are different from you-be open to diversity.

International Student Office
Phone: (318)257-4321

Multicultural Affairs
Phone: (318)257-2115