Chemistry student awarded prestigious EPA Fellowship

Jun 23, 2015 | Engineering and Science, Research and Development

Joshua Tully, a chemistry student at Louisiana Tech University, was recently awarded a Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Fellowship with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for his research on natural clay nanotubes for water purification.
Joshua Tully (right) with Dr. Yuri Lvov

Joshua Tully (right) with Dr. Yuri Lvov

The EPA awarded 34 fellowships for undergraduate students in 25 states and Puerto Rico. Tully was the only student in the State of Louisiana to earn the prestigious award.
“I’m humbled and honored to receive this award from the EPA,” said Tully. “It is important as an undergraduate to both study hard and pursue as many additional opportunities as possible. This fellowship will provide me with invaluable experience working in environmental science and in a professional environment. This type of experience is invaluable as an undergraduate and will be helpful after graduation.”
The EPA provides GRO Fellowships to outstanding undergraduate juniors who are pursuing environmental science and related fields of study at universities and colleges across the nation. The fellowship provides a year of academic support that includes stipend and tuition support as well as an internship during the summer for a combined total of up to $50,000 over the life of the fellowship. The awards provide students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with agency scientists.
Dr. Yuri Lvov, professor of chemistry and nanosystems engineering for Louisiana Tech’s College of Engineering and Science and the Institute for Micromanufacturing, has supervised much of Tully’s undergraduate research.
“I’m very excited that Joshua received this award,” Lvov said. “There are many opportunities like this for enthusiastic and talented young men and women in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. Awards like this allow students to study hard and participate in work and research that is directly related to their majors.
“Louisiana Tech is a leader in the state when it comes to providing quality education in STEM fields, and this is just one of many examples of students succeeding here.”
Written by Brandy McKnight –