Office of Financial Aid

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: It says your office is closed, can I still talk to someone about my financial aid?

A:  Yes, while we are working remotely we are happy to answer your questions thru our online chat during normal business hours.  You can also email our office with your questions at

Q: I need to submit documents to financial aid, how do I submit those if you are not in the office?

A:  There are number of ways for you to submit your documents to our office. Documents can be emailed to, completed on your Net Partner Account, uploaded on your Net Partner Account, or mailed to our office at P.O. Box 7925 Ruston, LA 71272.   

When emailing documents, make sure that the student’s name and CWID is included.  Also, make sure that all images are clear and submitted as attachments. 

Q: What is a financial aid access code?

A: The financial aid access code is a code the student creates when they complete the LA Tech Financial Aid Data Form on Net Partner or the paper version.  It is usually a 4 digit code comprised of numbers and/or letters that is required to comply with the FERPA Privacy Act.

Q: Where can I get my 1098-T form?

A: The comtproller’s office is responsible for issuing the tax form, please go to for information on how to obtain your copy. 

Q: I am planning to take classes this summer. Is there financial aid available and how do I apply for it?

Financial Aid is available during the Summer.  If you have already been packaged with financial aid for the year, you can complete a Request for Summer Aid Form.  You will receive an email notice with the aid you are offered when your request has been processed. 

Students that have been awarded the TOPS Scholarship and/or a University Scholarship may also be eligible to request to use one of their eligible terms in the summer, by completing the TOPS Summer Payment Request Form and the University Summer Scholarship Payment Request

Q: I am unable to log into Net Partner. I keep getting a NPL error code and to contact your office.

A:  Your Net Partner Account is most likely locked,  please send an email to requesting your account to be unlocked.  Make sure you include your name, CWID, and financial aid access code.  You can also chat with us on our website to request it be unlocked during normal business hours.

Q: I just received my Financial Aid Offer for 2020-2021. Why am I being charged transportation fees?

A:  Transportation costs are not actual charges that you will see on you student account. Financial Aid uses standardized budgets to create a student’s Cost of Attendance (COA).  The COA includes all of the things that a student possibly needs to go to school including: tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation costs, and other miscellaneous costs.  These are estimated direct and indirect costs that are included in your COA so that our office can offer you financial aid to cover those expenses. The indirect costs will not appear on your student account, where as your direct costs will. 

Q: I accepted the Direct Parent Plus Loan on my 2020-2021 financial aid offer. It says that my parents need to complete the Direct Plus Application, what do they need to do?

A:  If your parent wishes to apply for the Direct Parent PLUS loan, they should wait until AFTER July 1, 2020 to complete the Direct PLUS application for the fall.  They will complete the application on

Q: When will I know what I am going to have to pay for the Fall? How should I respond to my financial aid offer?

A: Students will be able to view their Fall tuition and fees on their student account after they register for the fall classes.  To help give students an idea of what they may owe and how to respond to their financial aid offer, we have created a sample comparison of a financial aid offer to a sample expense slip.