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Performance Evaluation System frequently asked questions

What is the time period for the start of the PES system?

  • Planning periods are to be completed between 7/1 – 9/30 of each year
  • Evaluations are to be completed between 7/1 – 9/15 of each year
  • Effective date of overall evaluations 7/1
  • Disbursement date of performance adjustments 10/1

Are planning sessions required for employees on detail to special duty?

No, per C.S. Rule 10.5(f)(2) states only permanent movement into a position having a different position number with significantly different duties. The supervisor may choose to do a planning.

Can an employee who receives an “Unrated” request a (Civil Service) Director’s review?

No, the Director’s review is only for those employees who received an overall evaluation of “Needs Improvement/Unsuccessful” following an Agency Review.

Who is considered the 2nd level evaluator?

The Appointing Authority of each agency designates an evaluating supervisor for each employee.

Who is considered the Agency Reviewer?

The Appointing Authority of each agency designates the Agency Reviewer. The Reviewer shall not be either the evaluating supervisor or 2nd level evaluator who signed the evaluation being reviewed.

Are you required to provide supporting documentation when evaluating an employee?

Documentation is always good to have to support any evaluation (attached or documented on the PES form) but when rating an employee “Needs Improvement/Unsuccessful” documentation must be included/attached.

Can you be re-rated in the PES system?

There are no provisions for re-rating in the PES System.

If a supervisor feels during any point in the evaluation year that a new planning needs to be done can they?

Yes, we encourage the supervisor when significant duties or new projects that will affect the employee’s day to day operations change to meet with the employee and communicate those new expectations with them.

Do both the evaluating supervisor and the 2nd level evaluator have to meet with the employee for the planning/evaluation?

No, the rule only requires that the supervisor meet with the employee but both must sign off on the planning and evaluation prior to the employee receiving the evaluation.

When should you use the rating of “Not Evaluated?”

The rating of Not Evaluated is given when an employee is active as of June 30th, the end of the performance year, and the employee has worked less than 3 months at the evaluating agency within the performance year, and the appointment authority determines that not enough time has elapsed to create an evaluation for the employee.

When does an employee become eligible for a performance adjustment?

An employee who receives an overall Exceptional or Successful evaluation will become eligible for a performance adjustment on July 1st.

When supervisors and 2nd level evaluators don’t comply with ALL components of the Chapter 10 rules, are they eligible for a performance adjustment?

No, C.S. rule 10.2(b) and 10.3(b) indicates they are responsible for administering the performance evaluation system for his/her designated employees in accordance with these Rules and if they fail to do so they shall not be eligible for a performance adjustment for that year.

When supervisors don’t establish a performance plan for employees, does that make the evaluation rendered a fatal flaw and it should be changed to

No, while the rules say the supervisor “shall” establish a performance plan and the plan “shall” be signed by the 2nd level evaluator, the employee can still be given an evaluation based on observation of work and position description duties. The supervisor should establish a plan as soon as it is discovered that none was done and evaluate based on that plan. In this scenario, the supervisor and 2nd level evaluator loses eligibility for a performance adjustment because the plan was not established timely and the system was not administered as required by rule.

If a supervisor establishes a plan but the 2nd level evaluator does not sign, does this make the evaluation at the end of the year a fatal flaw and should the rating be changed to “Unrated?”

No, the supervisor is in compliance with the rule. However, the supervisor should remain in contact with the 2nd level evaluator to get signature prior to the planning deadline. If the 2nd level evaluator refuses to comply, the supervisor should report this to HR for further action. The Appointing Authority would then determine next steps (assign a different 2nd level evaluator, instruct the 2nd level evaluator to comply with his responsibilities, etc.). In this scenario, the supervisor would be considered in compliance but the 2nd level evaluator may not and may risk performance adjustment eligibility.