Cost of Attendance Calculator

The Cost of Attendance (COA) calculator provides an ESTIMATE of the costs associated with attending Louisiana Tech University including: tuition, fees, room and board, books, etc. This tool is intended for planning purposes only and DOES NOT provide the exact amount of expenses Louisiana Tech University will charge to enroll.

The Cost of Attendance calculator can also be a useful tool after you have received your award letter by helping you determine the amount of loans you may want to borrow and by showing you how much out-of-pocket expenses you may incur each quarter.

We hope the Cost of Attendance calculator will assist you in making decisions regarding your financial aid and your attendance at Louisiana Tech University.

  Step 1. Answer Questions
1 Are you an undergraduate or graduate?
2 How many quarters will you attend this year?
3 How many hours will you take each quarter?
4 Where will you live while attending school?
5 Are you a legal resident of Louisiana or will you receive an out-of-state fee waiver?
6 What is the total financial aid or scholarships you plan to receive for all quarters you are attending?
7 From your total Financial Aid, what amount is considered Gift Aid (ie. Grants, scholarships, waivers) for all quarters you are attending?
  Step 2. Estimated Fees - Calculated
1 Your estimated tuition and fees are:
2 Your estimated cost for living expenses:
3 Your estimated yearbook fee is:
4 Your estimated technology fee is:
5 Your estimated energy surcharge is:
Items 6-8 are not direct costs the student will see on their bill. Items 6-8 are merely projections of indirect expenses the student may incur while attending college
6 Your estimated cost for books, course materials, supplies, and equipment is:
7 Your estimated cost for transportation:
8 Your estimated cost for miscellaneous items:
  Step 3. Estimated Cost - Calculated
1 Your total estimated annual Cost of Attendance is:
2 Your total estimated annual financial aid and scholarships is:
3 Your estimated annual net Cost of Attendance after financial aid is:
4 Your estimated out-of-pocket cost per quarter is:

NOTE: The Step 3, Line 4 quarterly amount is what you will have to be able to pay each quarter for continued enrollment at the University.