Campus communication – Aug. 10, 2018

Campus community,

Good morning.

As we work to implement Workday, our new Enterprise Resource Planning platform, we are evaluating all of our current business processes to ensure an efficient and standardized approach among the three participating institutions. Each campus – Louisiana Tech, Southeastern Louisiana, and the University of New Orleans – will make adjustments in different areas of business processes.

After a careful analysis, and in partnership with Workday consultants and other institutions, our Workday team has determined that one key area we need to alter is our payroll schedule. 

Beginning in January 2019, non-classified employees, excluding nine-month faculty, will be paid on a biweekly cycle. The change to biweekly from monthly pay periods will impact our non-classified staff, academic administrators, and graduate and undergraduate student employees. The payroll schedule for classified employees will not change. 

Although the Human Resources and Finance components of Workday will not go live until Summer 2019, the new schedule must be implemented in advance to perform the necessary parallel testing between our mainframe system and Workday.

Changing the payroll schedule for our employees will help create greater efficiencies in Human Resources and the Office of the Comptroller. In addition, the University will be able to utilize industry best practices for payroll administration. This new schedule will enable the University to pay our student employees more frequently and will often shorten the delay in the first payroll disbursement for new employees. Each of the three institutions will also have the capability to process payroll for the others in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.

In order to help employees adjust to the new pay schedule, we will hold a fall series of lunch-and-learn sessions focused on budgeting, adjusting bill payment schedules, and managing personal finances.

If you have questions regarding this change, please email workday@latech.edu. Thank you for your patience while our campus continues to innovate in the areas of human resources and finance with our implementation of Workday.