Basic and Career Studies

Basic and Career Studies (BCS), in cooperation with the Bulldog Achievement Resource Center (BARC), provides substantial academic and co-curricular support for first-year and continuing students.

BCS assists and empowers students to:

  • develop and implement individualized plans for academic success and personal and career development
  • efficiently transition from Basis & Career Studies to their chosen degree-granting programs.

Students can receive academic advising and other assistance in the BCS and the BARC.

Exploratory Studies allows you to explore your options and interests before you select a major, giving you plenty of guidance along the way. You have up to 60 hours (attempted) to select the major that is right for you. We equip you with skills to help you make informed decisions – saving you time and money.

The BCS staff advises all students who continue to explore which major suits them best, working closely with other departments across the University to help them choose a major. The BCS staff has established relationships with student affairs, financial aid, the registrar, career and personal counseling, residential life, the academic colleges, and many other entities so that students can be directed to and receive any academic and co-curricular assistance they need to succeed.

Three main categories of students are served in the Division of Basic and Career Services:

  1. First-year students who have not yet decided upon a major and who are exploring;
  2. Students who previously had declared a major but need time to consider changing to another major; and
  3. Students who have not met specific academic requirements for placement in a major and need a home until grade point average and other requirements are met.


We are located in Room 202 of the Wyly Tower of Learning in the Bulldog Achievement Resource Center.

Mailing Address
Bulldog Achievement Resource Center, Basic and Career Studies
P.O. Box 3054
Ruston, LA 71272

Phone – 318.257.4730
Fax: – 318.257.2030

Director Stacy Gilbert
Email: or