Honors Program

The University Honors Program Curriculum

The University Honors Program is a 21 credit-hour curriculum of honors courses chosen by the student in consultation with an honors advisor. University Honors courses are offered as honors versions of general education courses, special topics courses, and courses within the major. An optional capstone project is available for students interested in research or creative scholarship.

The University Honors Program is designed for students of exceptional ability and motivation. Honors classes are not meant to be “harder,” but they are meant to be more intellectually challenging and more rewarding. Smaller class sizes, unique perspectives on subjects and academic disciplines, and opportunities to collaborate with faculty and other honors students make honors classes a privileged experience for our students.

Benefits of the University Honors Program

Specific benefits of the University Honors Program include:

  • The Honors College Scholar distinction at graduation and on your transcript, which can separate you from the crowd as you apply for graduate or professional schools, or enter the job market.
  • Smaller than average class size (many honors classes are capped at 15 students) with some of Tech’s best and most innovative faculty members.
  • A curriculum and e-portfolio that encourage interdisciplinary and creative thinking, as well as self-reflective awareness. The e-portfolio documents the student’s journey through Honors, and is a great resource for resumes and grad school applications.
  • Priority registration for classes–jump to the front of the line each quarter when you make your schedule!
  • Specialized honors advising to guide you through your curriculum.
  • Designated honors housing on campus.
  • Priority consideration in other University programs.
  • Access to honors cultural, social, and academic events.

Admission to the University Honors Program  

Our application process is holistic. We look for high achievers, but we also seek creatives and late bloomers who view college as a new opportunity to learn and to develop their abilities.

We do not specify a minimum GPA or ACT/SAT score for eligibility, but we do consider GPA and standardized test scores in our evaluation of applicants. (The College of Engineering and Science does require a minimum 28 Math ACT score to take engineering honors courses.) Your University application will provide us with that information.

The heart of our application is our three essay questions. These questions allow you to tell us who you are, where you are from, and what sets you apart.  We are looking for authentic, thoughtful responses that tell us who you are. Our advice on writing the essays: Don’t write what you think we want to read; write your own thoughts.

When you apply to the University you will be prompted to indicate your interest in Honor from within the University application. Acknowledging your interest will open the Honors application. Your essays, GPA, test scores, and personal information will be automatically compiled and sent to us for evaluation.

If you have already applied to Louisiana Tech and are now interested in Honors, email us at the address below and we will reopen our application for you in your Kennel Account.

Application Deadlines and Outcomes:

  •  Our priority deadline for applying is December 1. Our final deadline is May 31.
  • We will begin notifying applicants of outcomes in December, then continue notifying monthly until the beginning of June.


For more information, email honors@latech.edu or call us at 318.257.3282.

Apply today

The Honors Program application for 2024-25 is now open. Priority consideration will be given to applications received by December 1st.

Starting in December we will notify applicants of outcomes the first week of each month. The application closes May 31, 2024.

You will log into your Kennel account to apply. If you have already completed your Louisiana Tech application, please contact the Office of Admissions at Bulldog@LATech.edu for assistance with Honors application.