Louisiana Tech Honors Program

The Honors Program is no longer accepting applications for the 2022-23 academic year. The application process for 2023-24 will open on Aug. 1, 2022.


The Honors Program has been established to meet the needs of students of exceptional ability and motivation. The fundamental idea of the program is that the best preparation for the future is through an informed and critical understanding of the world. The core of the Honors Program is its Foundations 21 curriculum: a series of honors courses at the freshman and sophomore level designed to prepare today’s college students for the 21st century. Students will be required to take 21 hours of Honors courses for an Honors distinction on their transcript. All of the courses in the Foundations curriculum will fulfill General Education Requirements.

Honors classes are small, generally capped at 15 to 18 students, and taught by some of the best and most innovative faculty. Students will participate to a greater degree than in ordinary classes through oral presentations, formal papers, and class discussion. Moreover, since the Honors program looks to the future as well as the past, all honors courses will have a technology component and a web presence. Professors are encouraged to use the resources available at Tech to greatest advantage. The smaller courses and advanced technology will make it possible for professors and students to explore topics in-depth and at a high level of sophistication. Courses may also have invited guest lecturers with a specialization in a topic under consideration or travel to nearby museums and art galleries to supplement class material.

Requirements for acceptance into the Honors Program as well as other benefits or further information can be found by clicking on the links to the left.