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Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the see Tuition and Fees for the current tuition and fee schedule.

Yes. Online classes are determined on a quarterly basis. During early advising, check with your advisor regarding availability.

Effective for Fall 2012 admissions and after, admission will be based upon the sum of your revised-scale GRE Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning scores. To qualify for unconditional admission, the admission score must be 287 or greater AND neither individual score may be less than 142. To qualify for conditional admission, the admission score must be between 283 and 286 AND neither individual score may be less than 141. For complete details on GRE requirements, please visit the Admissions section of the Office of Graduate Studies website.

All admission requirements including PRAXIS exams must be passed prior to admittance into the program. There is no conditional' enrollment. However, you may be allowed a conditional quarter for the GRE exam. You may enter without the GRE scores (may affect financial aid and application for practitioner license), but you must take and submit acceptable scores by the end of the first quarter of enrollment. For more information, please see the question "What are acceptable GRE scores?"

Yes. Barksdale classes are determined on a quarterly basis. During early advising, check with your advisor regarding availability. Please note that non-military students will need to acquire a base pass in order to drive on Barksdale AFB. For information on acquiring a base pass, please visit the Tech Barksdale Web site, or contact Cindy Ham at (318) 456-5005.

  • For the MAT programs, you must have a 2.5 cumulative ugpa or a 2.5 cumulative on your last 60 hours of undergraduate coursework. You may take additional undergraduate courses in order to raise your UGPA to the required level. You may submit copies of all undergraduate transcripts to Ms. Gleason for evaluation by mail or fax. Please indicate the program you are interested in and your contact information.
  • PRAXIS I (all three parts). An ACT composite score of 22 OR an SAT combined verbal and math score of 1030, OR a Master’s Degree or higher will allow you to waive the PRAXIS I.
  • PRAXIS II is offered by paper/pencil for all exams EXCEPT Elementary Content exam and Foreign Language exams, which are now offered by computer at the ULM Testing Center and Prometrics in Bossier City. See the PRAXIS Information and Resources link that will provide information on test dates, test centers, test preparation, test registration, etc.
  • GRE. Admission status is determined based upon the sum of the GRE Quantitative Reasoning and the Verbal Reasoning scores. For more information on acceptable scores, see the entry "What are acceptable GRE scores?"
MAT - No. A passing score on the PRAXIS II content exam(s) is sufficient to show content mastery. 
  • PRAXIS I, PRAXIS II and GRE exams may be taken at the ULM testing center (318-342-5336) or Prometrics in Bossier City (318-742-7349). These are computer-based exams. Call to set up a testing appointment. Offered weekdays. It takes 3-4 weeks for official scores to be received. See the PRAXIS Information and Resources link. 

Tech is on the quarter system (10-week quarters). The fall quarter begins in early September, winter quarter in late November, spring quarter in early March, and summer quarters in early June (first session) and July (second session). Effective Fall 2011, Louisiana Tech University admits students into the alternative certification programs fall (deadline August 1) and spring (deadline February 1) quarters only.

You are required to be enrolled in at least one class in order to be considered as admitted to the program. You may take up to 9 hours each quarter. If you are unable to attend one of the quarters, you will need to complete a one-page, no-fee readmit form to come back into the program. If you are out more than one quarter, you will have to submit a new application with fee.

This will vary depending on which program you are in, how many classes you choose to take each quarter, and whether you will complete clinical practice (student teaching) in 1 quarter or an internship in 3 quarters.

Clinical Practice (student teaching) is one-quarter long and is for any candidate that is not in a current teaching position. Internship is for those already teaching in an approved public or private school and is one year long. Interns will complete internship in their own classroom.

These are character references. The letters may not be from a relative. Some suggestions might be a teacher, professor, employer, family friend, minister, etc. The letter should indicate the relationship between the student and person recommending the student, how long he or she has known the student and in what capacity, and why they believe the student would be a good candidate for the teaching program at Louisiana Tech University. Letters of recommendation may be submitted as an attachment to the online application, e-mailed directly to Ms. Gleason (melanie@latech.edu) from the person writing the recommendation, OR original letters with signature may be furnished to Ms. Gleason.

Signed letters of recommendation should be on letterhead, if appropriate, and be addressed to:

Ms. Melanie Gleason
Louisiana Tech University
P.O. Box 3163
Ruston, LA 71272

See Philosophy of Education in Important Documents.