November 16, 2015 

Call to Order 

The November 16, 2015 meeting of the University Senate was called to order at 4:05 p.m. in the Ropp Center, Room 105, by President Patrick O’Neal. 

Roll Call 

Kim Barlow 

A quorum was met. Those absent without excuse or proxy are: Katie Barrow, Son Le, Bill McCumber, Rhonda Boyd, Rich Mancil, Allie Deleo, Teddy Allen, Amanda Sandford, Lisa Merritt, Bijoya Chakraborty, and Shane Puckett. 

Approval of Minutes 

The October and November Minutes will be available for approval at the December meeting. 


1. Guest Speaker – None 

2. President’s Opening Remarks o Resource Allocation Model • Goal: Incentive- or Production-Based Resource Model for Units, w/ embedded strategic planning 

(1) How can we make employees feel empowered in their circumstances? 

(2) How can we “make the right people happy”? 

(3) Try to understand the resource model, to provide recommendations for improvement (from a Senate Perspective) 

• 2014-215 SCH Production by Level (Chart) – 13-14 Total Revenues $161,985,937 

• Board of Regents Form BOR-1 – Revenue/Expenditure Data 

• Board of Regents Form BOR-10 – Summary Request for Budgeted Positions 

o Budgeting Alternative – Source – Huron Education • Incremental budgeting in the most common approach to institutional budgeting. (Chart) 

• Common for institutions to utilize multiple budget models simultaneously. 

o Follow-up from Last Meeting • Unclassified Raises: No news, waiting on Jan Budget Decisions w/ new Governor 

3. Business o Old Business • Senate Survey – AROS update  Motion to approve the Senate body supporting both a request for an external survey and internal evaluation (AROS) was presented and made by Ernie Rufleth and seconded by Greg Schelonka. Motion passed by the body with one abstention by Steven Toaddy. 

• Hotel Planner – Senate Action: Bring “Letter of Support”, signed by ULL, SLU, and McNeese. Possible dissolution of Hotel Planner by January or February. 

• Quality Matters (QM) 

• 2nd Annual Unclassified F&S Meeting (Pick a Date)  Motion to approve of Executive Committee picking final date was presented and made by Ernie Rufleth and seconded by Kathleen Hieden. Motion passed by unanimous vote. 

o New Business 

• Committee Working Meeting o Other Business – None 

4. Voluntary Remarks – None 

5. Adjournment – The motion to adjourn was made by Andy Kline and seconded by Justin Kavalir. The meeting adjourned at 4:59 pm. 

Kim Barlow, Recording Secretary