January 25, 2016 

Call to Order 

The January 25, 2016 meeting of the University Senate was called to order at 4:00 p.m. in the Ropp Center, Room 105, by President Patrick O’Neal. 

Roll Call 

Kim Barlow 

A quorum was met. Those absent without excuse or proxy are: Rich Mancil, Teddy Allen, and Andy Cline. 

Approval of Minutes 

The minutes for December 14, 2015 were presented for ratification; a motion to approve of the minutes as presented was made by Greg Schelonka and seconded by Steven Toaddy. Motion passed by unanimous vote. 


1. Guest Speaker – Dr. Jim King 

o Presented the “Big Picture” for Louisiana Tech as it relates to growth, recruitment, and retention. • Five new recruiters dedicated to each college 

• New Social Media Coordinator 

• Balancing tuition discounting/scholarships  Current criteria ACT and High School GPA 

• Housing construction and improvements 

• Parking improvements 

• Emphasized having a “Personal Touch” with each prospective and current student  Handwritten notes 

 Welcoming smiles 

 Approachable 

 Available 

 Responsive 

2. President’s Opening Remarks 

o Important Dates and Updates • Feb 20, 2015: ALFS in Alexandria, Guest Speaker: Rallo (Commissioner of Higher Education) 

• Feb 22, 2016: Guest Speaker: Brooks Hull (University Foundation) 

• University vision for growth of private funding, rules for raising money, rules for spending money 

• March 3, 2016: CLCU in Baton Rouge (Conference of Louisiana Colleges & Universities) 

• March 9, 2016: University Senate President Patrick O’Neal visits ULL Senate 

• March 16, 2016 Wed, 4 PM: Meeting of all university faculty and staff @ Howard Auditorium 

• Hotel Planner: Mandate removed 

• Library Update: http://www.latech.edu/masterplan/graphics/wt_plan.pdf 

• Ad hoc committee chair: Terri Murray 

• Work-Day Update: (See ex: http://www.utexas.edu/asmp/workdayut) 

• AROS Survey: Rollout is imminent, wait and see re: Senate Climate Survey V2 

3. Business 

o Old Business • Request: Professorship Update  The Louisiana Tech University Senate Request for Changes in the Management and Distribution of Professorship Funds Executive Summary was presented to the Senate and a motion to bring it forward to President Guice was made by Bill Stammerjohan and seconded by Steven Toaddy. The motion passed by unanimous vote. 

• Awards for unclassified staff  Three possible awards are being discussed 

• Work-Life Policies Update  Modified Duties 

 Mid Tenure Review 

 Child Care 7:45am-5:15pm for Louisiana Tech University employees and students. 

o New Business • New Items to be moved to Committee – None 

o Other Business – None 

4. Voluntary Remarks – None 

5. Adjournment – The motion to adjourn was made by Ernie Rufleth and seconded by Shawn Trivette. The meeting adjourned at 4:53 pm. Kim Barlow, Recording Secretary