Current students

March 25, 2019 – Minutes

  1. Call to Order – The March 25, 2019 meeting of the University Senate was called to order at 4:03 pm in COBB, Room 221, by President Michael Swanbom.
  2. Roll Call – Alicia Kimbell called roll; a quorum was met.
  3. Approval of February Minutes – A motion was made by Kathleen Heiden and was approved by the Senate body.
  4. Guest Speaker: Jim King, Executive Vice President and Vice President for Student Advancement
    1. Shared updates regarding the focus on improvement of university housing, parking, and pedestrian walkways
      1. Contingent on growth; looking 7 years out
      2. In the process of completing Tech 2020, looking towards Tech 2030
    2. Presentation slides included information on the campus master plan, new construction and updates on existing facilities
      1. Phase 1 of housing replacements with the removal of Harper and Harris in the summer of 2020
      2. Phase 1 of parking improvements include elevated deck to be constructed within the next 18 – 24 months
      3. Greening of campus corridor and developing pedestrian arteries
      4. Connecting campus to downtown Ruston & Arts District
  5. Awards Updates
    1. F J Taylor
      1. Nominations were due on March 25th from each college
      2. Lynne Nielsen will be sending out notifications to each nominee and request that they prepare an informational packet
    2. Virgil Orr & Senate Chair
      1. Poll has been sent out for nominations
      2. Those that receive the largest number of nominations will receive a request to complete a packet
    3. Staff Awards
      1. The staff subcommittee will be sending out nomination request e-mails within the week
      2. Unclassified nomination requests will go to University Administrators, Department Heads, Deans, as well as members of the University SenateClassified nomination requests will be sent out to all faculty and staff
  6.  Policies
    1. Policy 1301 – Policy on Policies
      1. Outlines how policies are to be made and amended at Louisiana Tech
      2. Policy 1301 does not have any mention of the University Senate; there is no path that compels university administrators to contact the Senate on proposed changes
      3. Should be revised to list what the proper role of the Senate is in policy change
    2. Policy 1302 – Constitution for the University Senate of Louisiana Tech University
      1. A review of this policy enforced that the Senate may make recommendations using appropriate administrative channels in order to initiate information that might influence the revision of policies or make recommendations on policy proposals.
      2. Regarding the policy on office hours, President Swanbom asked the Senate members to send him any of their suggested revisions as well as any revised policy wording they felt would apply to the core issues that are faced within their college.
      3. Information regarding the office hour policy revision will be brought up for discussion and vote at the April meeting.
  7. Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 on a motion by Jonathan Walters/Laura Gentry.