About the Idea Place

At the IDEA Place, our mission is to awaken the excitement of learning by doing in both children and adults. Central to our philosophy is the belief that real objects, direct experiences, and enjoyment promote learning. Children, their families, and their teachers are given the opportunity to study and investigate the wonders of the world around them through the interactive exploration of scientific phenomena. We believe that these experiences, along with more formal learning approaches, will stimulate curiosity, motivate further exploration, and increase appreciation and understanding in the area of science and mathematics.

Approved by the Louisiana Board of Regents in 1991, The IDEA Place opened its doors to children across North Louisiana on April 23, 1994. Since then, tens-of-thousands of children from across North Louisiana, Southern Arkansas, and beyond have found a new approach to learning in the IDEA Place.

Today, the IDEA Place is growing. With plans for future expansion and new exhibits being acquired - the future is bright. We have big ideas for the IDEA Place!