About SciTEC

The Science and Technology Education Center (SciTEC) at Louisiana Tech University is an active outreach program of the College of Education organized to serve the surrounding school systems and communities.

The Science and Technology Education Center (SciTEC) was established by the College of Education to serve as an umbrella for a number of educational initiatives supported by the College. Activities of the Center include six broad initiatives:

NASA Educator Resource Center
The IDEA Place
Professional Development Programs for Inservice Teachers
Collections of Exemplary Mathematics and Science Materials
Exemplary Undergraduate Mathematics and Science Education
Community Outreach Activities

SciTEC was originally conceived to meet the many challenges facing Louisiana schools in the new environment of accountability and as a shift in accepted pedagogy requiring the development of higher-order thinking skills in students and the incorporation of real-world experiences and hands-on learning activities that have caused classroom teachers to re-evaluate their teaching practices. In addition, SciTEC strives to address the acute shortage of teachers in the critical areas of math and science, the high percentage of uncertified teachers in Louisiana classrooms, and the low number of economically disadvantaged and minority students that enter post secondary education programs.