Life on Campus

Greek Life

Since 1776, Greek-letter organizations have been an integral part of campus life at colleges and universities across the nation. Founded under the principles of scholarship, leadership, community service and the development of life-long friendships, Greeks today still practice these fundamental principles in their daily pursuit of collegiate excellence. 

The Louisiana Tech University maintains a commitment to create a learning environment with emphasis on a full collegiate experience for each student, leading to opportunities for cognitive, social, and personal development. At Louisiana Tech University, the Greek system works in conjunction with the University in this mission to educate the “whole” student. 

Membership in a Greek organization will prove to be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences for your son/daughter. While enrolled at Louisiana Tech University, the Greek system can provide a student with a network of brothers/sisters, each working toward common goals. Many value this smaller group setting, provided by the Greek system, since it helps to create more of the traditional and personal collegiate experiences for students.

The opportunities for meaningful campus and community involvement within the Greek system are endless. All members of the Greek system are challenged to reach their personal best.

Why go Greek?


Each chapter of the Louisiana Tech University Greek system has it’s own individual philanthropy/service that has been designated either locally or nationally. Greeks on our campus contribute many hours each quarter to support their individual project. By joining a Greek organization, you too can make a difference in the lives of others. Whether you enjoy supporting the prevention of domestic abuse, children, or the elderly among many others, we are confident that you will find a service that is fulfilling for you!


While becoming a part of a Greek organization grants one the opportunity to meet others and make memories, membership in a Greek organization also encourages scholarly success and achievement. Each chapter of the Louisiana Tech Greek system requires members to maintain the chapter specified grade point average (GPA). Greeks on our campus have continually exhibited academic success through their grades, membership in campus wide honor societies and Greek honor societies, as well as through local and national scholarships.


In becoming a part of a Greek organization on the Louisiana Tech campus you have the opportunity to meet other students through various Greek social events. Among other events, Greeks on our campus host exchanges with one another, formals, theme parties, Greek Week, and Greek Gathering. Each event is filled with fun and memories that will last a lifetime.


Hazing violates University regulations. (See Section 3.01:20 of the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Behavior.) It shall be the duty of all current and potential student organization members and pledges to report immediately, in writing, any violation of the hazing policy to the Vice President for Student Affairs in 305 Keeny Hall. Any violation(s) of this policy shall be investigated and appropriate disciplinary action taken.