Life on Campus

For Parents

Greek Life adds to a student's engagement on campus.Since 1776, Greek-letter organizations have been an integral part of campus life at colleges and universities across the nation. Founded under the principles of scholarship, leadership, community service and the development of life-long friendships, Greeks today still practice these fundamental principles in their daily pursuit of collegiate excellence.

The Louisiana Tech University maintains a commitment to create a learning environment with emphasis on a full collegiate experience for each student, leading to opportunities for cognitive, social, and personal development. At Louisiana Tech University, the Greek system works in conjunction with the University in this mission to educate the “whole” student.

Membership in a Greek organization will prove to be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences for your son/daughter. While enrolled at Louisiana Tech University, the Greek system can provide a student with a network of brothers/sisters, each working toward common goals. Many value this smaller group setting, provided by the Greek system, since it helps to create more of the traditional and personal collegiate experiences for students.

The opportunities for meaningful campus and community involvement within the Greek system are endless. All members of the Greek system are challenged to reach their personal best. We look forward to your son/daughter becoming a part of our Greek system!

The Greek Life Office of Louisiana Tech University