Integrations and Tools

While Moodle can be quite powerful on its own, integrations with additional products provide the tools necessary to create a robust online learning environment for Louisiana Tech University faculty and students. This page provides an overview of available tools and help you to get started with using them in your courses.


Gradescope is a system that allows instructors to digitally manage, administer, and grade assessments. Gradescope supports many different types of assessments and is unique in its support for using traditional, paper-based assessments, online as well as digital assessments.

Gradescope is licensed for all Louisiana Tech University faculty, and is directly embedded into Moodle with support for direct links to assignments, and synchronization of course rosters and grades.


Intelliboard is an integration for Moodle that provides real-time reporting and analytics for LMS data. Dashboards for instructors and students are integrated directly into Moodle that can provide feedback on activity, engagement, and more.


Mediasite is a multimedia tool that allows instructors to make live recordings in the classroom (using Mediasite capture hardware) or from their office or home computer (using Mediasite Desktop Recorder w/ camera and/or microphone). Recordings can be shared with students later along with other resources. Mediasite is ideal for delivering lectures and other video resources to learners.

To learn more about Mediasite:

To log in to Mediasite, visit mediasite.latech.edu/Mediasite/mymediasite.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a is a web-based audience response system that can be used in face-to-face or online classes, as well as part of meetings. Poll Everywhere allows you to keep track of content retention and facilitate audience participation through polls that can be shared with participants by embedding them into presentations. Responses can be sent from computers or from mobile devices, and the technology is well suited to both face-to-face and online lectures making it a valuable tool for teaching.

Poll Everywhere is currently available to all university instructors and staff. Eligible individuals may contact the Help Desk to request an account be setup.

Respondus Lockdown Browser

The Respondus LockDown Browser is a restricted web browser used to aid in assurance of the academic integrity of quizzes and exams. When students access exams through Lockdown Browser, they are prevented from performing certain actions such as launching other applications, switching to other windows, opening unapproved websites, and printing or copying test questions. This does not prevent cheating through other methods (such as secondary devices or printed materials). For best results, Lockdown Browser should be paired with proctoring solutions such as Respondus Monitor or ProctorU.

For more information on Respondus Lockdown Browser:


Turnitin was originally intended to help ensure academic integrity by providing reports on the originality of submitted assignments. These reports, though not directly an indicator of plagiarism, help to inform faculty about content that may be similar to students’ work and leaves it to them to determine the possibility of academic integrity violations.

While originality reporting remains a core feature of Turnitin, the Turnitin Feedback Studio has evolved to offer more advanced features such as GradeMark for marking up and providing feedback on written assignments and PeerMark for facilitating peer feedback.


Zoom is a robust video-conferencing and collaboration platform that works on all major operating systems and mobile platforms. Pro Zoom accounts provide access to whiteboard tools, survey/feedback tools, the ability to create breakout groups, and more. Zoom is ideal for synchronous class sessions but can also be used for 1-to-1 meetings for virtual office hours and advising (requires camera and/or microphone).Zoom System Requirements: Minimum bandwidth is 600 Kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). Check your Internet bandwidth using Speedtest.

To get started with Zoom, login to latech.zoom.us. To use Zoom integration in Moodle please login for the first time at latech.zoom.us to set up your account and then use the tool available in “Add activity > Activities > Zoom”.

To learn more about using Zoom: