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The Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology

(CEnIT) is a central component of the thriving innovation enterprise at Louisiana Tech that is producing inventions and commercializing technologies at an exceptionally high rate.
CEnIT promotes innovation and the commercialization of new technologies generated by university faculty and students as well as outside partners. CEnIT enhances campus-wide, multi-disciplinary learning by facilitating the development and delivery of courses that teach students entrepreneurship, innovation and new product development. CEnIT engages stakeholders both on-campus and off-campus in support of innovation and venture formation in our region. At CEnIT faculty, students, and external partners act together to pursue opportunities through innovation and entrepreneurship.
CEnIT hosts the TOP DAWG Idea Pitch and TOP DAWG New Venture Championship events yearly to encourage students to build innovative, creative products and services that create value in the marketplace. The New Venture Championship held each spring quarter provides an opportunity for students to create business investor decks based on their ideas pitched during the fall quarter TOP DAWG Idea Pitch.

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The Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology holds the TOP DAWG Idea Pitch and TOP DAWG New Venture Championship events to encourage students to build innovative products and services that create value in the marketplace. In the fall, students pitch their product or service ideas during the TOP DAWG Idea Pitch. The Idea Pitch is the qualifier event for the New Venture Championship that is held each spring quarter. During the New Venture Championship teams create business investor decks based on their ideas pitched during the fall quarter Idea Pitch. Teams are mentored by business experts and training sessions are held to help TOP DAWG teams build their pitches and investor decks. These events are an integral part of the Enterprise Campus focus at Louisiana Tech.

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Entrepreneurship Courses

MGMT 340: Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship.
Organizing and operating the small business, with special attention to personal qualifications, capital requirements, location, and sources of assistance.

MGMT 400: Entrepreneurship/New Venture Creation.
A study of the entrepreneur’s role in business, including an introduction to the process of developing an idea into a feasible business plan.

MGMT 468: A study of functions and procedures in personnel management.
Examines the unique challenges facing entrepreneurs with regard to recruiting and managing employees, including issues in personnel law.

ENTR 402, 403, 404: Business Design Project I, II, III.
Multidisciplinary team projects develop product concept business models. Emphasis on market research and intellectual property commercialization plans.

ENTR 410: Entrepreneurship for High Tech Start-Ups.
Overview of the major business elements and the management of high technology enterprises.

ENTR 430: Innovative Product Design.
An interdisciplinary, team-oriented, problem-solving approach to innovative product design and prototype development, including analysis of marketing and commercialization strategies.

ENTR 460 and 560: Innovative Venture Research.
Implementation of strategic business principles and cross-disciplinary research to evaluate new business ventures through commercialization of university-based intellectual property.

ENTR 501: Technology Transfer and Commercialization.
This course will cover the legal and technical considerations involved in the commercialization of technology and the protection of intellectual property in an academic setting.

ENTR 510: Entrepreneurship/New Venture Creation.
A study of the Entrepreneur’s role in business, including an introduction to the process of developing an idea into a feasible business plan.

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The Thingery

The Thingery at LaTech is a community resource that brings together innovators from business, engineering, design, and the arts with the common goal of entrepreneurial innovation at the desktop scale. These innovators are makers and entrepreneurs and they bring their knowledge and skills together to provide resources to imagine and create new products and new business ventures in the region. The purpose of the Thingery at Louisiana Tech is to give an innovator access to the technical and intellectual resources needed to fully explore their ideas. This exploration may include design work, prototyping, packaging, manufacturing, and distribution for their new idea.

The Thingery

Innovation Enterprise Fund

The Louisiana Tech University Innovation Enterprise Fund, established in 2009 through private donors, provides grants to early stage companies spinning out of the University’s technology transfer activities or otherwise affiliated with the University’s business development efforts. The grants are designed to dramatically accelerate the movement of innovation from idea to product to the marketplace and fill critical gaps in funding for early-stage companies. Engagement of the regional business and investor community in the Innovation Enterprise Fund as donors, reviewers, and advisors is increasing the likelihood of new venture success and maximizing the local economic impact of new technology development. During the grant process in the fall and early winter a review panel made up of members of the fund reviews the proposals and awards grants to start-up companies with promising business opportunities and a significant potential to benefit our local economy. At the awards luncheon in January we present our grant winners and update members and prospective members of the Innovation Fund on its status and future plans.

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I-20 Corridor Regional Business Accelerator

The I-20 Corridor Regional Business Accelerator at Louisiana Tech University is an intense program focused on providing services, support, and networking to facilitate rapid growth for business enterprises demonstrating strong potential for success. Both aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses can benefit from Accelerator services and either may apply to participate in the program. Individuals selected for the program will receive intensive training, coaching, and consulting from experienced professionals. Accelerator participants will be guided through the startup process by conducting in-depth customer discovery and validation, refining their minimum viable product, developing an effective business model, and preparing a funding proposal. Eligible businesses will compete for the opportunity to present their concept to investors, customers, collaborators, and others that can facilitate the launch of their enterprises. Accelerator participants completing the program will receive continuing support throughout their initial year of operation. For additional information or to schedule an appointment for assistance prior to completing the Application form, contact one of the Accelerator staff members listed below.

Kathy Wyatt
Executive Director, Louisiana Tech Enterprise Center

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Online Network for Entrepreneurs

The ONE is a regional network of varied organizations possessing a wide range of experience, specialized knowledge and professional expertise to help build and strengthen businesses. ONE’s “Find A Resource” section is ideal for those thinking about a new venture, starting a business, operating an enterprise, expanding an organization or exiting a firm. It has customized search parameters that match unique needs of each entrepreneur with appropriate resources. Efficient access to resources, online or by phone, facilitates convenient and quick referrals. ONE’s “Be A Resource” section provides effective referrals based on a comprehensive database with advanced filtering criteria that connects entrepreneurs and businesses to the most appropriate local, state and national resources. It is geared towards public agencies and nonprofit organizations that support aspiring, emerging and established entrepreneurs throughout the north Louisiana region are included in the network.
Kathy Wyatt
Executive Director, Louisiana Tech Enterprise Center

ONE Network


The Won-in-One is an annual entrepreneurial pitch competition for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs and innovators from across north Louisiana to pitch their ideas, impress the executives and audience, compete for prizes, and receive help with developing their new or growing business ventures. Competitors and attendees can generate valuable feedback for their venture, attract potential investors, locate qualified collaborators, network with other trend-setters, and compete for cash and prizes.

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Kathy Wyatt
Executive Director, Louisiana Tech Enterprise Center

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The Louisiana Tech University Technology Business Development Center

(TBDC) provides assistance to entrepreneurs that are investigating or pursuing business enterprises based on useful new technologies or unique applications of technology that have high growth potential and the ability to generate high quality employment opportunities. This can include a business that leases, sells, or licenses proprietary technology, manufactures a technology related product, or devotes a high percentage of financial effort to research and development. Services are also extended to non-technology businesses that provide training and services to technology businesses, expand to include a technology product or service, or incorporate a substantial technology component into their nontechnology service or product. TBDC services connect entrepreneurs with the information, assistance, and resources needed to begin and pursue development of their businesses.

Kathy Wyatt
Executive Director, Louisiana Tech Enterprise Center

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