Project Lifecycle

Need assistance with grant/contract funding? Please see the details for the Sponsored Project Life Cycle below.


This includes budget review, proposal review and submission, sponsor communication, and other tasks included in applying for state, private, and federal funding. For questions, please contact the Research Program Coordinator at

Pre‐Award Tasks

  • Proposal Budget Preparation – Principal Investigator
  • Proposal Budget Review and Approval – Research Program Coordinator
  • Proposal Submission – Research Program Coordinator


This includes post‐award compliance responsibilities including requesting prior approvals, ensuring charges are allowable, and closing out projects. For questions, please contact the Director of Sponsored Projects or the Grant Accountants at

Post‐Award Tasks

  • Grant/Contract Acceptance – Director of Sponsored Projects
  • Change of Principal Investigator – Director of Sponsored Projects
  • Requesting a Budget Revision – Director of Sponsored Projects
  • Correction of Unallowable Cost – Grants Accountants
  • Request a Cost Transfer – Grants Accountants
  • Closing out an Award – Director of Sponsored Projects

Grants Accounting

This includes all financial responsibilities including account setup, budget setup, monitoring and approval of expenses, invoicing, and financial reporting. For questions, please contact the Director of Sponsored Projects, Grant Administration Specialist, or the Grant Accountants at

Grants Accounting Tasks 

  • Award and Grant ID Setup – Grant Administration Specialist
  • Award Budget Setup – Grant Administration Specialist
  • Budget Revision – Director of Sponsored Projects
  • Cost Transfer in Workday – Comptroller’s Office
  • Expenditure Review and Approval – Grants Accountants
  • Grant Budget Monitoring – Grants Accountants and Director
  • Grant Financial Questions – Grants Accountants
  • Submission of Invoices – Grants Accountants
  • Submission of Financial Reports – Grants Accountants