F. Jay Taylor Undergraduate Teaching Award

The F. Jay Taylor Undergraduate Teaching Award is awarded annually to a full time faculty member whose primary duty is undergraduate teaching. Faculty are nominated by members of the University Senate. Each nominee submits a five-page packet of information for review by all University Senate members. The packet includes a list of undergraduate courses taught and their enrollment; the student retention rate in each of the listed courses; the latest summary student evaluations, a statement of his/her beliefs concerning the significance of undergraduate teaching within the overall mission of Louisiana Tech; a description of an important innovation he/she has made in undergraduate teaching; a list of his/her publications and papers that relate to teaching; and any other pertinent information. Following review by each Senator of all submitted materials, a vote of the University Senate determines the recipient of the award. The award consists of a plaque and a $1,500 stipend provided by the Louisiana Tech University Foundation. The award is announced at the Fall Quarter Faculty and Staff Convocation. 

  1. The nominated faculty member’s primary duty must be undergraduate teaching.
  2. The nominated faculty member must have a non-administrative position.
  3. The nominated faculty member must be tenured or must have served on the faculty full-time for at least 6 years.
  4. The nominated faculty member must have at least a 9-month appointment.
  5. The nominated faculty member must not have received the award previously.

Past Award Winners

2022-23 – Dr. Krystal Cruse

2021-2022 Jessica Szymański

2020-2021 Stan McCaa

2019-2020 Nicole de Fee

2018-2019 Jean Chen

2017-2018 Julie Rutledge

2016-2017 Lynne Nielsen

2015-2016 Jeff Pike

2014-2015 Kathleen Heiden

2013-2014 Michael Swanbom

2012-2013 Bradley Cicciarelli

2011-2012 Laurie Stoff

2010-2011 Rhonda Boyd

2009-2010 Dorothy Robbins

2008-2009 Charles Patterson

2007-2008 Anita Pumphrey

2006-2007 Aziz Saber

2005-2006 David Hall

2004-2005 Rick Simmons

2003-2004 Gary Stokley

2002-2003 Ruth Ellen Hanna

2001-2002 Larry Sellers

2000-2001 Dale Snow

2000-2001 William Green

1999-2000 John Price

1998-1999 Joy Lowe

1997-1998 John Caldwell

1996-1997 Dianne Douglas

1995-1996 Bill Deese

1994-1995 Dwight Anderson

1993-1994 Mary Belle Tuten

1992-1993 Butch Miller

1991-1992 Mel Corley

1990-1991 Phil Cook

1989-1990 Randall Barron

1988-1989 Ed Jacobs

1987-1988 Rose Marie Daigle

1986-1987 Jim Lowther

1985-1986 Abe Attrep

1984-1985 Cliffo Crump

1983-1984 Patricia Elliot

1982-1983 Phil Rice

1981-1982 Carole Tabor

1980-1981 John Winters

1979-1980 Charles Foxworth