University Senate Chair Award

The University Senate Chair Award is awarded annually to a full-time tenured faculty member whose research, teaching, and service are seen as significant contributions to the mission and purpose of the university. Nominations and the selection of a single nominee for each college and the library are made on the basis of a vote of the entire faculty of each college and the library, respectively. Each nominee submits a five-page packet of information for review by all University Senate members. This packet, which shall be a maximum of five pages, shall cover the previous five years at Louisiana Tech. It shall include (as applicable): a list of courses taught and the overall teacher evaluation rating for each course; a statement of beliefs concerning the importance of teaching, research, and community/university service to the overall mission of the university; a selected list of publications, grants, and similar activities; and a selected list of community/university service activities. These nominees are then voted on by the University Senate. The award includes a plaque and a $2000 stipend paid through the Louisiana Tech University Senate. The award is presented during the annual fall meeting of the faculty and staff. 

Any faculty member in any area may be nominated for the University Senate Chair Award in accordance with the following criteria: 

  • The nominee has a full-time, non-administrative, tenured faculty appointment; and
  • The nominee has not previously received this award.

Past Winners

2022-23 – Dr. Gergana Nestorova

2021-2022 Mary Caldorera-Moore

2020-2021 Paul Jackson

2019-2020 Pedro Derosa

2018-2019 Jean Chen

2017-2018 Julie Rutledge

2016-2017 Norm Pumphrey

2015-2016 Leland Weiss

2014-2015 Anthony Inman

2013-2014 Yuri Lvov

2012-2013 David Szymanski

2011-2012 Weizhong Dai

2010-2011 Mark Guinn

2009-2010 Peter Jones

2008-2009 David Mills

2007-2008 Galen Turner

2006-2007 Raja Nassar

2005-2006 Dianne Douglas

2004-2005 Jim Spaulding

2003-2004 Rick Simmons

2002-2003 Ruth Ellen Hanna

2001-2002 Alan Goldspiel

2000-2001 Sue Holder

1999-2000 Maureen McCurdy

1998-1999 Gene Crowder

1997-1998 Mel Corley

1996-1997 Bobby E. Price

1995-1996 Dale Snow

1994-1995 Joy L. Lowe

1993-1994 Dixie Griffin

1992-1993 Earl Council

1992-1993 Margaret W. Maxfield

1991-1992 William C. Deese

1990-1991 Gary S. Zumwalt

1989-1990 Dennis E. Minor

1988-1989 David A. Holtz

1987-1988 Scott Burns

1986-1987 Joe M. Pullis

1985-1986 Albert W. Lazarus

1984-1985 Samuel V. Dauzat

1983-1984 Tom J. Lewis

1982-1983 John W. Goertz

1981-1982 John F. Leich

1980-1981 Billy J. Davis

1979-1980 Morgan D. Peoples

1978-1979 Jackie B. Garner

1977-1978 Scott Weathersby