Monday, September 27 at 4:00-5:00 pm, Wyly Auditorium

  1. Call to Order – The September 27, 2021 meeting of the University Senate was called to order at 4:00 p.m. in Wyly Auditorium/Zoom Session by President, Louis Reis.
  2. Welcome – President, Louis Reis, COES
  3. Roll Call – Alicia Kimbell recorded the attendees as they logged into Zoom as well as those that attended in person; a quorum was met
  4. Approval of May 2021 Minutes – a motion to approve the minutes was made by John Worsencroft and seconded by Jeff Haynie; all approved
  5. Recognition of Award Winners – current members of the University Senate were recognized for being chosen as award recipients as announced at the Fall Faculty/Staff Convocation
    • Joan Lynam
    • Avery Broussard
  6. University Senate Information on Moodle
    • A Moodle page was created for senate members to access
      • Communication/spread of information much faster
      • Minutes, links, etc.
      • Share policy revisions
      • Poll votes
    • Louis Reis presented the site and introduced the names of this year’s officers and executive committee members
  1. Committees – there will be three primary committees that senate members can join this year; a poll will be set up on the Moodle page for members to volunteer for committees
    • Communications (Chair – John Worsencroft)
      • Concerned with lack of communication/disregard of communication
      • Looks at university/college/departmental levels
    • Workload (Chair – Kathleen Heiden)
      • Concerned with the balance between teaching, research, and service
      • Looks at how research and teaching are working together
    • Technology (Chair – Tom Stafford)
      • Concerned with identifying areas in which technological resources can be improved, outdated websites, proper employment contacts listed on websites, technology needs in classrooms, as well as proper training on equipment to use in class effectively
  1. Guest Speaker Requests – Louis Reis asked the senate members for suggestions on potential speakers for the year
    • Dr. Guice
    • Tom Hoover (technology)
    • McConathy (workload)
      • Panel of the Deans to also answer questions
    • Davy Norris (research)
  1. Meeting with Dr. Guice/APC Updates
    • COVID-19 – we are 85% down in COVID positive cases from this time last year with faculty/staff/students
      • Vaccination status for faculty/staff
        • No mandate at this time
      • ULS looking for vaccination rate data which may result in a self-completed survey on Workday
    • Appointment letters
      • Not sent out in letter format this year
        • Can go to Workday to view compensation information
      • Policy Revisions – Louis Reis shared a few revisions he submitted on Policy 2108, 2214, 1301
  1. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m. with a motion from Judith Roberts/Stacey McAdams; all approved