Louisiana Tech University Senate – February Minutes

Monday, February 27 at 4:00-5:00 pm, Wyly Auditorium

  1. Call to Order – The February 27, 2023 meeting of the University Senate was called to order at 4:01 p.m. in Wyly Auditorium by President, Louis Reis.
  2. Welcome – President, Louis Reis, COES
  3. Roll Call – Alicia Kimbell recorded attendance; a quorum was met
  4. Approval of January 2023 Minutes – a motion to approve the minutes was made by Matthew Hartmann and seconded by Shelcie Menard-Harvey; all approved
  5. Guest Speakers – Dr. Donna Thomas, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs & Jerona Washington, Online Advocate
    1. Presented answers to a list of questions composed by the senate regarding Tech Online
      1. The purpose of Tech Online allows convenience and flexibility for students to learn at a distance
      2. Tech Online webpage provides a list of programs that are offered
        1. All colleges within the university are represented
        2. All programs already existed and the administration of those programs remain with each college; there is now a different way of offering and packaging those
      3. Tech Online aligns with the university goals, values, and mission
    2. Jerona serves as a collaborative manager of the program
      1. Answers general questions/how to apply
      2. Tasks
        1. Response to RFI Forms Inquiries – email, phone, appointments
        2. Onboarding – bridging the gap for students that are fully admitted
        3. Tech Online Hub – common connection point to refer the student to someone else on campus for help
        4. Education or Career Goals – student support staff available (student retention specialist)
      3. Tech Online has a flat rate for tuition, no fees ($400/credit hour); simplifying for adult learners
        1. Reviewed the comparison of rates of Tech Online, main campus, and Barksdale
          1. Make sure students are put into the right categories
        2. Tech Online graduate tuition is $475/credit hour
      4. No fees – started in Winter/Spring Quarter
        1. Lisa Cole will determine the impact of no fees for the colleges
        2. Will make adjustments as needed
      5. Enrollment numbers in the colleges for Tech Online
        1. No baseline to start because Tech Online did not exist prior
        2. Making sure that strategies used for campaign marketing are effective year to year
      6. Staffing of Tech Online
        1. These classes were already being taught
        2. Those that were teaching online before still are
        3. Program hasn’t changed prior to Tech Online
      7. Is there a critical number necessary to keep this program afloat?
        1. Program level is the same whether the course is offered online or in person
        2. Viability
      8. Has there been an increase in the need for additional sections?
        1. Haven’t seen that kind of growth yet
        2. There is no Tech Online budget to hire additional staff; hiring would have to be a departmental decision
        3. Hoping to show growth in existing programs
      9. Additional Questions – please send questions to Donna Thomas or Jerona Washington
  1. Updates
    1. Awards Committee
      1. Nomination form will be sent out Wednesday or Thursday after the quarter begins
      2. Will leave it up for two weeks and will send reminders throughout this time
      3. Form can also be found on the senate Moodle page
    2. Deficiency Exam Committee Recommendations
      1. Posted on the University Senate Moodle page for members to review
      2. Shelcie Menard-Harvey briefly discussed the options proposed by the committee:
        1. Get rid of the deficiency exam altogether
        2. Option A – student must petition to be able to take exam and obtain prior approval; request is sent to the instructor of course and unit head
        3. Option B – generally clarify the wording of the current policy
      3. A motion was made to proceed and write up a letter to be sent to the Provost summarizing the voice of the senate; no opposition to this motion
    3. Response to Reimbursement Procedure
      1. Letter composed by senate member captures some things that are not being considered
        1. Comparison of other institutions does not necessarily work with Tech’s quarter system
        2. Feedback was provided during meetings with colleges but no changes were brought forth to the proposed policy
      2. Louis Reis met with Dr. Guice a couple weeks ago and he seemed open to discussions
      3. Where does the P-card rebate go? Goes into the president’s discretionary fund
      4. A motion was made to proceed and write up a letter to be sent to the Dr. Guice summarizing the voice of the senate; no opposition to this motion
  1. Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.