University Senate Meeting, Wyly Auditorium, May 16, 2022

Roll call: 22 voting members present (no quorum)

April meeting minutes to be ratified by poll vote.

Guest speaker: Dr. Eric Wood, Vice President and Director of Athletics

  • “Crazy” first year for Athletic Director
    • Replaced football and men’s basketball coaches
    • New women’s soccer coach and softball coach
    • Searching for new track coach
  • Athletics revenue
    • LATech has smallest Athletics budget in CUSA
    • Football only sport which generates revenue
    • Covid pandemic cost $2 million in losses
  • Conference realignment
    • CUSA down to 3 teams; need 8 to operate
    • Q&A: LATech, FIU, UTEP remain; MTSU, WKy will stay; adding NMSU, Liberty, JxSt, SHSU, possibly Tarleton, EKy
  • Student Engagement Fee proposal (did not pass)
    • LATech only school (in CUSA) without student fee for athletics
    • SGA initiative (not driven by Athletics)
    • Proposed $150/student fee of which $135 for Athletics (est. $3.69 million total)
    • Q&A about how fees are assessed elsewhere, sale of passes
    • Athletics “afraid to charge” students; reluctant to promote beer sales in stadium
  • Athletics budget
    • $1 million for Scholarships
    • $1.15 million for Athlete development (e.g. strength coaches, advisors)
    • $1.15 million for External relations
  • Name-Image-Likeness
    • Few LLCs for our student athletes to market autographs, apparel etc.
    • Affects recruiting (1500 students in transfer portal) “free agent” market

Kathleen Heiden: report on Upwards Evaluation (Policy 1405) Committee, Donna Thomas Chair

  • Senate’s proposal accepted (omitting specific administrative titles): to evaluate immediate supervisor and all above (in chain of command) within college
  • Recommendation to form University committee
    • To revise (standardize) instrument and procedure across colleges
    • Expects to take academic year 2022/23 to develop, implement Fall 2023

Kathleen Heiden: report on meeting of ULS Senate Presidents with Dr. Jim Henderson

  • A third of funds expected for raises has disappeared (hopeful will be recovered)
  • LA State Senate resolution to examine tenure process has passed both House and Senate
    • Henderson encourages advocacy for importance of tenure, academic freedom
    • University Senates will send one representative to Task Force (this summer)

Louis Reis: Voting for Senate Awards

  • See forthcoming links to Condorcet Internet Voting Service (CIVS) ranked-choice ballots
  • Results to be announced at Fall 2022 Convocation

Louis Reis: Voting for Senate Offices (no quorum present)

  • Nominations: Louis Reis (President; Kathleen Heiden (VP); Matt Hartman (Treas); Kacie Mennie (Parliamentarian)
  • Poll vote forthcoming


Motion to adjourn (Boris Teske)