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Dual Enrollment Overview

Current Dual Enrollment Course Offerings

This program and fee structure applies to courses that are taught off-site (not on Louisiana Tech's campus) at the high schools and which are facilitated by an assigned high school teacher. 

All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted, previous course offerings do not guarantee future course offerings)





Education, Curriculum, and Instruction



Health Information Management





Louisiana Tech Dual Enrollment History:

  2014-15 2015-16 2015-16
Number of High Schools 52 62 61
Number of Individual students 2,015 2,864 3,319

Criteria to enroll in College Level, Degree Credit Courses

Students who have NOT YET taken the ACT Test*

  1. Pre-ACT Composite score of 18, and
  2. English Pre-ACT of 18 to enroll in English Comp I (English 101)
  3. Math Pre-ACT score of 19 to enroll in College Algebra (Math 100 or 101)

Student who have taken the ACT Test*

  1. ACT Composite score of 18, and
  2. ACT English score of 18, or Accuplacer Sentence Skills score of 86, or COMPASS Writing Skills of 70 to enroll in English Comp I (ENGL 101)
  3. ACT Math score of 19, or Accuplacer Elementary Algebra of 65, or Accuplacer College Level Math of 20, or COMPASS Algebra score of 40, or COMPASS College Algebra of 43 to enroll in College Algebra

*Louisiana Tech will accept an equivalent Pre-ACT score in lieu of an ACT score.  If the student has taken the ACT or Accuplacer or COMPASS), these scores will override Pre-ACT scores and will be used solely as the determining factor for enrollment.  This is a Louisiana Board of Regents requirement.

Although Louisiana Tech sets forth the minimum ACT (or equivalent) scoring requirements for dual enrollment eligibility, each high school reserves the right to require higher minimum scores.

Student Tuition and Other Expenses

High School Seniors

High school seniors who participate in Louisiana Tech's dual enrollment program will not be required to submit a separate application for admission as a first-time college freshman.  The application that seniors complete for dual enrollment will also serve as their freshman application for admission and scholarships at Louisiana Tech University.

Louisiana Tech Faculty/Student ID Cards (Tech Express Cards) and Parking Passes

Complimentary ID cards and parking passes are provided for all dual enrollment students and faculty.  Student ID cards allow Access to Tech's Library, entrance into athletic events free of charge, and access to the Lambright Sports Complex. Faculty ID cards allow access to Tech's Library.  Obtaining these requires an in-person visit to the campus.

Dual Enrollment Web Site

Dual Enrollment information and forms can be found at http://www.latech.edu/enrollment-management/highschool/

Dual Enrollment Contacts:

Dr. Barry J. Morales
Director of Dual Enrollment
Phone: (318) 257-3031
FAX:  (318) 257-2908
E-mail: bmorales@latech.edu

Alicia Kimbell
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Phone: (318) 257-3031
FAX:  (318) 257-2908
Email: aliciam@latech.edu

*Statewide General Education Transfer Agreement Course

1This course is taught by a Louisiana Tech faculty member in an online format; a high school teacher is assigned to facilitate the online instruction and to help their students.  This format requires the use of a computer lab.