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If a student, faculty member, or staff member needs an accommodation, we have instituted processes for each area. The CDC recommends vaccinations to mitigate the risks with COVID-19. Find vaccination sites at

Process for faculty and staff

  1.  A faculty or staff member should complete the faculty and staff accommodation form and return it to Human Resources, either in person or electronically. The preferable way to return the form is to email it to
  2. Human Resources will evaluate if additional information is needed to support the condition claimed and request the employee to provide any such documentation.
  3. The form, redacted as may be appropriate for confidentiality of medical information, is forwarded to the appropriate dean or division head.
  4. The dean or division head evaluates the request in consultation with the applicable department head.  The dean/division head and/or the department head should have discussions with the employee if the requested accommodation cannot be provided to determine if an alternative accommodation can be agreed upon.
  5. Once a decision is made, the form is returned to Human Resources with the dean or division head’s decision and signature.
  6. Human Resources provides the final form to the employee.  The employee has five business days to appeal the decision to a COVID accommodations appeal panel.

Process for students

This page will be updated when the student form is available.

For COVID-19-related accommodations, students should fill out the COVID-19 Accommodation Request Form for Fall Quarter 2021. In order to access the form, students should be logged into the GSuite through the CAS system. Students who are requesting an accommodation related to the COVID-19 pandemic must submit supporting documentation to TDS ( Please see the TDS website for our full documentation requirements. Please note that the application process is not complete until you send appropriate documentation to

Submission of the form and/or documentation does not indicate approval of accommodations. TDS will contact students via email once the committee has reviewed the application and documentation.