Guidelines for graduates

Louisiana Tech University does not hold rehearsals for commencement ceremonies. Here is some information for our graduates. If you have specific questions, contact the Registrar’s Office at

Show up wearing

You should be wearing your cap and gown. Men should wear a shirt and tie, with dark trousers underneath the gown. Women should wear a dress or pants suit with a blouse that has a collar that does not extend above the neckline of the gown. All undergraduate degree candidate tassels are worn on the right side of the cap. Don’t forget your tassel! At the appropriate time during the ceremony, the President will tell you to “…transfer your tassel from the right to the left side of your cap (mortarboard) indicating your status as a degree recipient…”. Candidates for the master’s degree will wear the appropriate hood for their academic discipline. Doctoral candidates will not wear their hood, as they will participate in a “doctoral hooding” ceremony on stage.

Note: Only those items approved for wear with the official university cap and gown (e.g. approved academic honor cords, stoles, shawls, or medals/pins) will be allowed in the processional and commencement exercise. Please, do not decorate your mortar board. Your Dean will ask you to remove the decorations or replace the mortar board before you will be allowed to participate in the ceremony.

What happens in the assembly areas

Your Dean and his/her designated representative will assign your position in the processional line-up (alphabetically within each degree-type in each college) to assure proper order for the conferring of degrees onstage. Faculty and staff members will be present to assist with last minute cap & gown adjustments or problems. Representatives from the Bookstore will also be available for assistance.

The procession of candidates

The two lines will be led into the arena seating area via the South entrance to the playing floor. You will be directed to the proper seating by University Marshals. As you move into your aisle, be sure that no seats are left empty. Follow the Marshal’s directions in all cases. There is a seat for everyone.

During the ceremony

The following are important points to remember during the ceremony:

  • Men:  remove mortarboards during the Invocation, singing of the National Anthem, singing of the Alma Mater, and the Benediction.
  • Wait on the top stair of the stage until your name is called before stepping forward to receive your diploma cover and shake the University President’s hand.
  • After crossing the stage, you will receive your Commemorative Medallion from one of the Associate Deans at the top of the exit stairs.
  • Return to the seating area and remain standing until your Dean directs your college to be seated.
  • After the program, you will leave the seating area as directed by the Faculty Marshals.

After the ceremony

Immediately following the recessional, follow staff directions to proceed to the designated area where you will pick up your diploma packet. You will be directed to an exit taking you upstairs to the main concourse where you can join family, guests, and friends.

General information

There are no storage areas for personal items such as purses or cameras, so plan accordingly. Do not bring these items with you! Do not leave these items in the College Assembly areas!

Guests will not be allowed on the playing floor level before, during, or after the commencement ceremony. A professional photographer will take pictures as you receive your diploma cover and after you exit the stage. Your commencement package will contain instructions to contact the photographer via their website to view proofs and instructions for purchasing commencement photos.

Note: Official, degree-posted transcripts are available beginning the first working day following commencement. To order your official Louisiana Tech University transcript, you may order your transcript online. Any personal debts to the University must be cleared before an official transcript can be released.