Welcome to Moodle at Louisiana Tech University! This website provides information to help you get the most out of your Moodle experience. If you have questions, concerns/problems, please do not hesitate to contact the Moodle Administrator at citadmin@latech.edu. This service is provided for use by all faculty and instructors at Louisiana Tech University and extension units.

What is “Moodle”?

Moodle.org explains, “The word Moodle was originally an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, which is mostly useful to programmers and education theorists. It’s also a verb that describes the process of lazily meandering through something, doing things as it occurs to you to do them, an enjoyable tinkering that often leads to insight and creativity. As such it applies both to the way Moodle was developed, and to the way a student or teacher might approach studying or teaching an online course. Anyone who uses Moodle is a Moodler”.

How is Moodle used at Louisiana Tech University?

Moodle is the Web-based learning management system used at Louisiana Tech University to enhance class communication, organization and presentation by providing customizable website templates for courses offered. It is designed to provide tools for building online resources to support face-to-face classes or to facilitate classes offered completely online. Faculty can use Moodle with minimal formal instruction or technical skills. Faculty are required to post an electronic version of their syllabus on Moodle (Policy 2205). Beyond that, the degree to which the system is used in a course is determined by the instructor.

The Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) administers Moodle at Louisiana Tech, with technical support from the Computing Center.

Moodle course sites enable faculty to:

  • Upload and share materials such as a course syllabus, lecture notes, reading assignments, and articles for the students to access whenever they want
  • Forums and Chats to encourage discussion and exploration of course topics, projects, and more.
  • Quizzes and Exams
  • Gathering and Reviewing Assignments
  • Recording Grades, which would allow students to stay up to date about their performance in the course, and would allow faculty to easily manage grades in their courses

Getting Started

The Center for Instructional Technology maintains guides to help faculty and students get started with Moodle. While not required, it is recommended that faculty provide a link to the student guide, particularly in lower-level courses.